Room Thermostats Projected To Disrupt The Global Air Conditioning Market

March 25 02:51 2020

Atlanta, GA – A recent report has identified that the growth in demand from consumers for Internet of Things enabled room thermostats could cause significant disruption to the global air conditioning market. Manufacturers and installers within the industry as a whole, need to be aware of the changes products such as Nest can and will bring to the industry.

Both local and global vendors are looking to take advantage of this situation, and there is a possibility that it could encourage consumers to upgrade their HVAC equipment ahead of schedule, in order to take advantage of technological breakthroughs. One leading provider of HVAC equipment said that sales for connected room thermostats were significantly up in the last three quarters, with demand likely to increase as awareness amongst consumers continues to rise.

“A lot of millennials are both technologically savvy and very conscious of the environment,” said a representative from National Air Warehouse. “They can see the benefits of a reduced carbon footprint, cheaper energy bills, and the flexibility of being able to control the temperature of your property remotely. We are receiving more and more inquiries from customers interested in taking advantage of these new technologies. 

Internet of Things enabled room thermostats might just be the perfect piece of marketing timing. These devices come with very little barriers to entry, and have ready-made compatibility with mobile technology and apps. Customers are particularly impressed with being able to control the temperature of their home from hundreds of miles away, should a sudden patch of cold weather arrive. Another advantage is the ability to automatically turn on the heating when your cellphone recognizes that you are one hour away from home. This means that as a home owner you never need walk into a cold property ever again. Although there is never any guarantees in the world of technology, IOT enabled thermostats could well be the next big breakthrough.

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