AET REMOULD Releases Its A35 and A07 Timepieces Remade From RM35-02 and RM07

March 25 20:09 2020

AET REMOULD releases its A35 and A07 timepieces this month, which highlight AET’s two proud elements – science and technology advanced with the times and excellent crystal craftsmanship – through distinct and innovative art aesthetics.

Originated from Germany, AET REMOULD always has wonderful ideas for watch art-refitting that break the routine. With the skills and technologies of crystal processing, as well as other advanced materials, AET’s refitted luxury timepieces give the wearers the unique charm of watches. Previous A55 Cerulean exploded the industry the moment it was launched.

Innovation – Stunning

A35 is remade from ROCHARD MILLE 35-02 plus brand new RMAL1 movement. Using stunning crystal cases not only provides a all-around view of inner movement, but also breaks original color matching, and finally makes A35 a collecting-worth timepiece with high-end art tastes.

A07, remade from RICHARD MILLE 07, has a well-round color scheme. Bright yellow crystal and pink crystal cases and pearls, oysters, and diamonds in the dial together brings you an unparalleled timepiece. You can even appreciate the beauty of movement mechanical structure design through the transparent crystal cases. This is the timepiece made of what thousands of women ever dreamed of – diamonds, oysters, and crystals. The charm of A07 is beyond words.


Challenge – Breakthrough

Every step of sapphire processing is challenging, from purchasing the materials, cutting and whittling to drilling.

Normal sapphire processing crafts can only manufacture the table mirrors, that’s why the size of sapphires on the market are not big. It took a long journey for AET REMOULD purchasing the large ones.

Normal equipment cannot process complex cases, so the equipments that have ultrasonic motors is required. What’s more, we have to be extremely careful while using diamond drills drilling at 10 thousand revs per minute, or a tiny error could ruin an entire sapphire.

AET’s unique polishing craftsmanship perfectly demonstrates the beauty arch of sapphire and the visual pleasure of sapphire’s smooth curve. However, this whole process does require longer time and more exquisite crafts. Almost one thousand hours of making, this sapphire timepiece shows great sense of technology and the future.

The Future Is Coming

Deeply understood the challenge of making sophisticated sapphire cases, AET REMOULD can’t help with resisting this crazy idea. Dedicated into this area since 2015, they never stop trying to realize the combination of crystals and watches.

The beauty of crystals adding timepieces crafts will make an excellent union, which is not only a innovation of crystal application, but also pushing the art of watch into higher levels. We are looking forward more technical and creative timepieces from AET REMOULD.

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