International Process Solutions Announces Low And Ultra Low Vacuum Calibrations

March 26 20:00 2020
The company is reintroducing its vacuum calibration capabilities and in turn providing its customers, both existing and potential, with confidence and peace of mind.

San Diego, California – March 26th, 2020 – The leader in instrument calibration services in California, International Process Solutions or ‘IPS’ has long been bringing the tools of professionals and hobbyists up to snuff. In its work IPS takes the tools persons utilize for work/leisure and fine tunes them so that they once again measure and read accurately. There are many things that IPS’s technicians do to ensure quality of work and the most precise calibrations. Perhaps none are more important than working in low and ultra low vacuum work spaces. Calibrations performed in either of the aforementioned climates ensures accurate and error free work. While not all calibration firms offer this type of service, it is a cornerstone of IPS’s business model.

“Working in extremely low vacuum environments in our industry is of great importance. It’s more that than really, it’s essential. At IPS our focus is on customer service and satisfaction and because our clientele expects so much and demands a reliable service, we perform a large number of calibrations in these areas. In turn this allows us to deliver the most precise calibration service in the industry. Low and ultra low vacuums eliminate any number of things that can contaminate a workspace and make calibrations a lot less reliable. Things like dust and pressure can render any work our team does a moot point. The more important an instrument is to a customer and/or their work, the more important things like precision and quality of work become on our end. The success of many businesses resides on the capabilities of their tools. When those deliver improper readings a business, its employees, and its own customers can suffer. We eliminate those possibilities by working in vacuums,” says IPS owner Eric Cote.

IPS understands that its customers have little to no room for error in their work and that poorly calibrated tools can result in loss of business and even pose a serious risk to the well being of both customers and employees. Despite owning 4 laboratories in California the company and its highly experienced staff adheres to small business principals in order to better serve its clients. Integrity sits atop these principals and is followed by honesty, fair pricing, and a personable service. In contrast to many of its competitors, IPS enjoys building a rapport with its clients so as to instill both trust and peace of mind them.

“A lot of calibration teams are content in simply tuning up their customer’s instruments and moving on. At IPS we believe that customers not only deserve better but are entitled to a superior customer experience as well. That’s why we employ only those technicians that have a passion for what they do and those that share our vision of customer service,” adds Mr. Cote.

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