Kuuhubb Inc. Makes Top-Rated “Recolor By Numbers” App Free To Global Users; USA, France, Canada, and Other Markets Enjoy Free Premium Access

March 27 08:12 2020

Kuuhubb (TSXV: KUU, OTC: BCDMF), announced on Thursday that amid a growing number of quarantines and self-isolation measures being implemented across the globe during the COVID-19 outbreak, it is making full premium access to its new coloring app, Recolor by Numbers available for free in many countries. In the move, Kuuhubb has made its app free for users in Italy, France, Switzerland, Finland, Croatia, Spain, Germany, the USA, the UK, Canada, and China. The accommodation is made to support the number of gamers and users that are coping with varying stages of isolation.

According to Jouni Keränen, CEO of Kuuhubb, he said that, “Granting full unlimited free premium access to the countries in the midst of widespread lockdowns is a small gesture of solidarity with our global coloring community. Adult coloring, in addition to being creative and fun, has well-documented stress-relieving benefits, which are surely needed during these difficult times. We hope that everyone stays safe, and that Recolor can make it a little easier to find relaxation and daily escape to the positive, safe, and happy world of coloring.”

Recolor by Numbers is the follow-up game to Kuuhubb’s Recolor, a leading coloring app that recently reached the Top 10 in Apple’s Top App Charts in the United States and fourteen other countries. The Recolor app is built around a vibrant in-app community that has led to over 50 million downloads and shared 55 million published images. Users can download Recolor By Numbers at the iOS App Store using this link

This latest news follows the company’s release last week, highlighting the soft launch of Tiles & Tales

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/lSSWg2i7OIo

Free Access Follows Soft-Launch of Tiles and Tales

Last week, Kuuhubb Inc. announced the successful soft launch of its newest game, Tiles & Tales. The new mobile app is designed as a unique combination of two top-rated genres within the female gaming community; match-3 and visual novels. Like its other apps, the bespoke graphics and interactive properties make the game a potential #1 download in the female gaming market. 

According to Kuuhubb, Tiles & Tales is the company’s flagship second-generation game and Kuuhubb’s key focus in the calendar year 2020. The launch is viewed as the beginning of a new long-term franchise and a potentially significant growth driver for Kuuhubb in the future.

From a target marketing perspective, Kuuhubb is continuing to address an underserved market where female gaming is said to account for roughly 46% of the gaming population. Some estimates place the addressable market at more than one billion active female gamers, which keeps Kuuhubb high on the list of companies to watch during 2020.

Tiles & Tales Integrating Match-3 With Visual Novels

Kuuhubb is aggressively targeting opportunities in the Match-3 app space. The apps, also referred to as tile-matching games, are a multi-billion-dollar market and are the most popular genre with female gamers by a significant margin. Reports show that some titles are generating USD 25-50M in monthly revenue, targeting the niche market where HubSpot suggests that 69% of match-3 players are women. Global estimates for the expanding match-3 market is expected to generate over USD 5B annually.

Supporting that projection is a stat from Sensor Tower that notes that of 20 games that have lifetime revenues exceeding USD 1B, five are match-3’s (Disney Tsum Tsum, Candy Crush Saga, Puzzle & Dragons, Gardenscapes and Homescapes). The industry is also benefiting from consolidation within the match-3 segment, with Playtika and Zynga acquiring the Helsinki-based Seriously Digital Entertainment Oy and Small Giant Games Oy for approximately USD 275M and USD 650M, respectively. Kuuhubb may also be a target of consolidation based on its ability to bring to market compelling games and apps, with its Recolor app making the Top 10 list of most popular downloads. 

According to Kuuhubb, Tiles & Tales is the first game in the market to merge match-3 games and interactive visual novels. The company developed and targeted this combination game market, which has traditionally been considered separate after market research conducted for Kuuhubb showed considerable overlap among players. The data suggested making this game would be ideal for specifically catering to both groups in addition to holding significant cross-over appeal. If all goes according to plan, Tales & Tiles has the potential to enhance the respective audience sizes and enables fans of one type of gaming to broaden their horizons by introducing them to another popular genre.

Moreover, Tiles & Tales is getting shown as the latest example of Finland’s game industry innovation and is the first game developed entirely in Kuuhubb’s Helsinki Game Studio using an in-house developed match-3 engine. In addition to the soft launch of Tiles & Tales, the company is focused on the expansion and diversification of its product portfolio through the creation of its second-generation games. The company expects that the Kuuhubb game engine will significantly reduce the resources and time required to bring new titles to the market.

Kuuhubb Is Targeting A Female eGaming Market Opportunity

Although the billion-person female gaming market is a global estimation, a more targeted survey shows that women now make up roughly 46% of the mobile gaming and app market. That makes them a substantial contributor to the expected $140 billion in total video game sales expected by 2021. And, by creating innovative and inviting content, Kuuhubb may have found the formula that can allow them to earn a sizable share of that enormous dollar market over the next few years.

The Kuuhubb user base is treated to bespoke style art and visuals, each with aesthetically compelling images and extremely entertaining games like My Hospital, Dancing Diaries, and Recolor By Numbers. These games stand out as examples of the company’s expertise in developing creative, vibrant content that combines artistic creation with fun and challenging themes. In fact, its current 70 people international team of developers, writers, and back-office staff are each contributing toward a common goal of making Kuuhubb a leading provider of gaming content to the female demographic. To get there, Kuuhubb is taking advantage of accretive acquisition opportunities combined with responsible capital management. 

Kuuhubb In 2020, Targeting A Huge Female Gaming Market

The remainder of 2020 is setting up to be a breakout year for Kuuhubb. With plans in place to bring new games to market, acquiring new assets, and adding liquidity to the balance sheet can each serve to add momentum to the company, and its stock, as the year unfolds. 

Targeting a more than one-billion person market, few will argue against the company being well-positioned to attract interest from a substantial market segment. Further, by executing on its commitment to delivering products and revenues from female gamers in an under-served product development market, the company can provide substantial long-term rewards, especially as the emergence of the gaming industry’s latest phenomenon, esports, continues to gain user traction. 

Differentiating themselves from a crowded, competitive landscape and filling a void in a multi-billion dollar market can undoubtedly provide a competitive advantage to Kuuhubb. Moreover, as new opportunities continue to develop in the casual, mobile esports game niche, Kuuhubb can seize upon new market opportunities that combine immensely popular casual and multiplayer elimination genres to create a unique portfolio of games for the female market. 

Notably, three things play in favor of long-term growth for Kuuhubb. First, the company is targeting a market that is increasing in size, despite it already being an estimated one-billion person opportunity. Second, the company is bringing to market innovative, challenging, and visually appealing games that cater to the demands of the female gaming market. And, third, the company is well-managed and has a team of business and design professionals that have proven their ability to build multi-generational game concepts.

Combining it all, Kuuhubb may be in the best operating position in its history to deliver breakout results that can build shareholder value. The launch of Tiles and Tales is only a first step toward achieving that goal. And, if the company continues to execute its ambitious growth plan for 2020, staying focused on opportunities beyond just playing its games may be a wise choice.


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