Toilet Paper Humor to the Rescue – Sheds Light on Exact Quantities Needed During the COVID-19 Pandemic

March 27 15:34 2020
Toilet Paper Humor to the Rescue - Sheds Light on Exact Quantities Needed During the COVID-19 Pandemic

‘How much toilet paper we really need is way less than most people think.’
– Hugo Miggels (HUGE Enterprise)
Those worried they may run out of toilet paper during the pandemic can be at ease. playfully shows why stocking up may not be essential at all.

Woerden, THE NETHERLANDS – March 27, 2020 – A new website called has recently become the source of many chuckles for those who are currently in quarantine or self-isolation. In essence, it offers a clear, unbiased answer to those who want to know how many rolls they’ll use up during the pandemic — or how many to buy right now.

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused panic all around the globe. Yet, what has become one of the main sources of online memes is the overall worry about toilet paper. Many stores around the world have said that people are coming in and stock-piling rolls upon rolls. Now, many retailers in Canada and the US are limiting customers to only a certain number of packs. Australia has even gone the extra mile to protect supplies. The country has hired security guards to keep an eye on shoppers.

The reasons behind this toilet paper craze are easy to explain. The COVID-19 Coronavirus ravaging the world right now is unknown and dangerous. Thus, those who are constantly bombarded with conflicting government messages and haven’t gotten a clear direction are trying to cope — and regain control — by preparing for the worst. What’s more, the media reports about empty shelves and lack of (some) supplies every day. As a result, “fear contagion” is a given. People are copying what others are doing, whether there is a need for more toilet paper or not.

Luckily, is here to put an end to all the stockpiling. The website’s design is simple but intuitive, with a total of seven options to choose from. Those worried they don’t have enough toilet paper can input the number of people there is in a household, as well as how many days in quarantine they’ll be. Also, they can say how many rolls they have now or want to buy and input the expected number of “visits” per day.

The company behind the website developed by Hugo Miggels, wanted to brighten up the overall mood within the online world. Still, their main goal is to show that panic-buying isn’t paramount at all. As Hugo says, “How much toilet paper we really need is way less than most people think.

Hence, the website also has some advanced options that can be used to get a more precise answer. Not all rolls or toilet visits are equal, so users can input the number of sheets per roll their favorite brand of toilet paper has. Better yet, they can disclose how many wipes they need per toilet visit and the number of sheets per wipe they are most comfortable with.


Created in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, aims to show panic shoppers that there is no need to stock-pile toilet paper at home. The range of options on the website allows users to find out the exact amount they ought to buy. Thus, they’ll be able to get through isolation without creating scarcity in stores.

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