Abrasivestocks Releases Its “Grindtec Online” All Over the World

March 27 22:33 2020

Grindtec Online has been launched in Zhengzhou, China, the abrasive materials capital of the world on March 14, 2020 that followed the combination of Abrasivestocks and China Abrasive. So far, the world’s first grinding industry online exhibition officially began to provide services for the world’s grinding enterprises.


It is because of Germany’s GRINDTEC GERMANY, Japan’s GRINDTEC JAPAN, India’s GRINDEX INDIA and China’s SANMOZHAN that the real online GRINDTEC CHINA(www.grindtec.com.cn) was born in the world.

At present, 2019-nCoV is affecting the whole world and hundreds of professional grinding upstream, midstream and downstream exhibitions have been canceled or postponed, which has a serious impact on enterprises. After eight months of preparation, Abrasivestocks launched Grindtec Online in time, which would definitely help more enterprises in the future Internet exhibition under epidemics.

For ordinary offline exhibitions, enterprises in various countries are faced with many inconvenient factors, such as short exhibition time, long preparation time, regional restrictions, visa application and personnel cost, etc.

Enterprises would feel that after the offline exhibition, they haven’t reached the set goal. Although they spent a lot of money, the showcase was demolished in a few days. For some small and medium-sized enterprises, they only leave some business cards, and later communication will return to online email.

Grindtec Online is an effective supplement to offline exhibitions. It not only extends the exhibition time of enterprises, but also maximizes the exposure of enterprises. Besides it breaks the regional restrictions, and brings more business opportunities for enterprises.

Grindtec Online is a professional exhibition working for 365 days of the grinding industry.

Advantages of Grindtec Online:

Advantages in time and price: 3-5 days offline exhibition, unit of 10,000, 365 days online exhibition, only tens of yuan per day.

Regional advantages: it breaks the shackles of time, place, manpower, cost, etc., by using a mobile phone to participate and watch the exhibition anytime and anywhere.

Strong information interaction: the exhibitors can search the target enterprises online accurately and communicate with each other at any time; the exhibitors can have more time to get the target customers.

Rich contents: Grindtec Online can let you “immerse yourself”, here you can understand the enterprise and “walk into” the factory, view the actual situation of the factory, and have a one touch phone call function. When 5G comes, it will also add video negotiation function. At present, there are Chinese and English versions in the online exhibition hall. Later, we will add Japanese, German and other versions.

Abrasivestocks, founded in January 2018, helps overseas grinding enterprises enter China and connect with high-quality and honest Chinese manufacturers. China Abrasive aims to help China’s grinding enterprises build international brands.

The combination of the two platforms, and the launch of Grindtec Online, will better provide all-round services online, offline, domestic and foreign for the world’s abrasive tool enterprises.

The birth of Grindtec Online will gather together for Chinese and foreign grinding enterprises.

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