Pinnacle Treatment Centers Publishes New Blog Post About Opioid Addiction

April 09 07:09 2020
Pinnacle Treatment Centers Publishes New Blog Post About Opioid Addiction
In a recent blog post meant to inform the public, Pinnacle Treatment Centers shares important information about opioid addiction.

Mt. Laurel, NJ – April 8, 2020 – Pinnacle Treatment Centers recently published a blog post about opioid addiction. The post – entitled “How Does Opioid Addiction Happen?” – explains the roots of opioid addiction for many Americans. Pinnacle Treatment Centers stated that the post was written by Jessica Allender, LCADC, LCDC III. Ms. Allender is an assistant regional director for Pinnacle Treatment Centers, as well as the executive director of NKY med, an opioid treatment program in Covington, KY.

In the blog post, Allender defined “opioids” as “a class of drugs used extensively in pain management due to their ability to bind with opioid receptors throughout the body.” Allender stated that opioid receptors regulate several physiological/psychological functions, including pain reception, immune function, emotion, and addiction. Allender cautioned that synthetic interference with opioid receptors is an act that is – in itself – fraught with risk. Allender indicated that opioid use disorder stems from the nature of the drug used for treatment, as well as the strong effect that it has on the mind and body of the user.

Allender stated that individuals with a “high risk” for opioid addiction include those with a history of past trauma, a history of substance abuse disorder, and underlying psychiatric conditions. Allender indicated that other factors contributing to opioid addiction include socioeconomic condition and age/maturity level. Allender pointed out that many of these factors often combine to create a “perfect storm” of opioid addiction risk in some individuals.

Allender identified common symptoms of opioid addiction as social isolation, erratic behavior, change in sleeping habits, change in diet, neglected hygiene, changes in mood/emotional state, uncharacteristically poor financial management, neglect of daily commitments, and criminal behavior. Individuals who are suffering from opioid addiction may exhibit some or all of these signs. Allender stressed that concerned friends and family members should carefully observe changes in their loved ones’ behavior (many who struggle with opioid addiction tend to “suffer in silence”).

Pinnacle Treatment Centers stated that it published the blog post so that more Americans would receive the treatment that they need for opioid addiction. The company shared that there are many evidence-based treatments and therapies available to those who are suffering from opioid addiction-treatments and therapies that have been proven to help people recover from addiction and live better lives.  

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