DeLozier Law Announces Professional Divorce Law Services

April 09 07:18 2020
DeLozier Law Announces Professional Divorce Law Services
Nestled in the Phoenix area, DeLozier Law announces they provide top-quality divorce law services to their clients.

Phoenix, AZ – April 8, 2020 – DeLozier Law is proud to announce they provide divorce law services for their clients in the area. DeLozier Law is a premier divorce lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona. David DeLozier has been practicing law since the mid-1970s and is proud to offer this service to their firm. Divorce is difficult for everyone involved; there’s no way around that. However, if a couple sees this as their only solution, the experienced team at DeLozier Law is here to help.

When needing a divorce lawyer in Phoenix, there are a few questions a client may have. A DeLozier Law divorce lawyer works to answer all of those and more. They have answers to the most frequently asked questions such as how long the process takes, who gets custody of the children, and how to keep property separate. Your questions will be fully answered in a manner you can understand when working with the talented team at the firm.

One aspect of divorce law that can be very overwhelming is dealing with child support. Sometimes this aspect can be amicable. Other times, however, it is not. That is why it’s important to have a child support lawyer in Phoenix on the client’s side during the process. The attorney at DeLozier Law understands this delicate situation and works diligently to get the best results for their client.

Divorce is an ugly word and can seem like a never-ending process. That’s why the law firm of DeLozier Law works to help those dealing with this overwhelming situation fully understand how this life-changing event will affect them after the case is settled.

The case gets fully evaluated by the team at DeLozier Law so they can do everything possible to help ensure their client receives the justice they deserve. While it can take only 60 days to finalize papers, some cases go much longer, depending on the complexity and whether it’s being contested or not. That’s why it’s advised to have a premier divorce lawyer in Phoenix Arizona involved.

Choosing a Phoenix divorce attorney is not something people should take lightly. The DeLozier Law firm recommends scheduling a consultation with an attorney to see if it’s a good fit. Someone that’s struggling through this process wants an experienced, trusted family law attorney they can trust to work on their behalf. Divorce attorneys should provide free consultations, and that’s exactly what people receive with this firm. If the consultation meets everyone’s needs, the team at DeLozier Law will fight for the rights and needs of their client.

About the Company

Since the mid 1970’s, David DeLozier has been practicing law to help their clients get the justice they deserve. The practice provides a variety of legal services including estate planning, divorce proceedings, personal injury, criminal law, and family law. The firm always provides a free consultation to see if their services will fit the needs of the client.  

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