Martha Silva Offers Expert Advice on Business Management to Women Who Want To Be Entrepreneurs

June 30 05:18 2020

Martha Silva, the popular and respected Venezuelan entrepreneur, Bachelor of Industrial Relations, and a stylist by profession, has offered three invaluable tips that can help budding women entrepreneurs make a winning start. Martha Silva is a successful entrepreneur who has managed to cross borders, considers herself a humanistic person, seeks to grow in all areas, and help everyone who is within her reach through work tools.

“I want to use my business experience to help today’s young women entrepreneurs in making the right moves and achieve early success in their entrepreneurial efforts,” says the dedicated, jovial and energetic businesswoman. “It is important to have a positive approach and a passion to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Women aspiring to be successful entrepreneurs must also be prepared to deal with the numerous challenges that the will most likely face during the course of setting up and running their enterprise.”

Martha had a keen interest in the world of beauty and dreamt of starting a business in this field. She started researching the beauty industry and discovered that this was indeed her passion. She wants all women wanting to start their own venture to first discover what their passion is and then pursue it relentlessly.

According to Martha, the first step that women should consider is to be brave and learn how to confront fears which will obviously create that sense of apprehension and doubt. Fear can prevent women from realizing their entrepreneurial dreams. When they learn how to conquer fear, they will be able to push themselves to get closer to their objectives.

Secondly, there should a passion for what they aim to do. Martha opines that there is a greater chance of success when women do something with a deep sense of passion and not for any monitorial gains.

“When you start for love and you also put positive energy into everything you do, that is transmitted, not only to your product or service but also the public will notice and be drawn to your love and positive energy,” Martha adds.

Martha Silva

The third piece of advice from Martha Silva is constancy. Budding entrepreneurs will surely face a number of challenges and obstacles in the course of setting up their business and managing it. However, they should not get disheartened by these negativities and continue persevering and work hard towards achieving their goals.Persistence will ensure the success of their venture.

Martha Silva is a renowned hair care specialist and has developed a reputed brand called Bellahair. It is a unique formula that contains 100 percent vegetable products and designed to regenerate, hydrate, nourish, and softens the hair wave. Women using this powerful formula have experienced magical results that are visible right from the first application. 

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