Top Saudi Model, Khaled Muhammed Almulhim Tells All About His Career And Life

August 03 17:22 2020
Top Saudi Model, Khaled Muhammed Almulhim Tells All About His Career And Life

Aug 3, 2020 Born in Aahsa, a famous Saudi Town, Khaled Muhammed Almulhim, now a top fashion model, only had his dreams and fantasies to work with as a kid. With sheer dedication and passion for modeling, Khaled has gone on to work with the world’s biggest brands. These include Toyota, Saudi Telecom Company, and Geely Motors.

Albeit being a pro now, Khaled’s early career had its fair share of bloopers and amateurish moments. He always picked himself up and made sure to do better. With more experience, dedication, and a viral video, he soon found himself working with more accomplished teams and bagging big deals.

Although Khaled is a hard man to track down, the release wire managed to get him to sit for an interview where both parties just had a chat about the past, present, and future for Khaled Muhammed Almulhim.

Release Wire (RW): Growing up and dreaming of becoming a model, did you have established models whom you looked up to at the time?

KM: Yes, there was none in particular but the answer is yes. I always watched models on TV, whoever they were, wherever they came from, and wanted to be just like them.

RW: Have you found yourself in a position where upcoming models look up to you and come to you for advice?

KM: Yes, I have, and it gives me great joy. With pieces of advice here and there, I have helped to establish a few of my friends who were looking to become models.

It feels good having so many people send me messages saying they appreciate my work and would like to be just like me someday. It helps me know I’m doing something right, and I appreciate that.

RW: Being a model is often frowned upon by many parents, have you always had the support of your family?

KM: Yes, I have. My family has always been with me every step of the way and it has really improved our bond. They mean everything to me, being able to give back and contribute gives me joy. When I start a family of my own, I will make sure it is as well run as my current one.

RW: With a successful laundry business on the ground, do you have more plans for the future?

KM: As a matter of fact, yes. The laundry business has been great. It was established from the sheer need to invest. I still have more plans for the future; to invest and create good business opportunities while pushing my modeling career to the absolute climax. I am also very invested in building up my family and future kids when they arrive. And this includes crucial lessons on family values and morals, not just wealth. You see, I find that with solid foundations, you can build anything you want.

Although he has sat in for several interviews with the release wire in the past, the curious case of Khaled Muhammed Almulhim cannot be uncovered at once. The release wire will keep in touch with Khaled and make sure to bring updates to his fans and the general public.


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