Be Stylish with Woodey Handmade Sun Glasses Growth, Opportunity and Forecast to 2026

August 03 18:54 2020
Be Stylish with Woodey Handmade Sun Glasses Growth, Opportunity and Forecast to 2026

Sunglasses are an essential accessory for all ages. Sunglasses are highly protective and prevent dust, UV rays, and pollution emitted from the sun and prevent the reflections from impairing vision. When it comes to choosing the material for frames of your prescription glasses, it seems a daunting task. However, there is no need to be worry anymore because woodey sunglasses are here for you. It is fascinating to know that wood frame glasses allow you to get several benefits but also stylish to wear. Let’s have a look at some of the original features of wooden glasses frames:


Only the people wearing wooden frames can say that glasses are comfortable to wear.  You can buy eyeglass frames made up of consumer waste plastic or plant-based oils. However, plastic does not deteriorate over time, like wood ones. It is fascinating to know that Wooden frames are sustainable source material and the most Earth-friendly you can buy.


Keep in consideration that Wooden frames are entirely natural, and they do not run the chance of having any type of toxic chemicals in them that cause ill effects on the wearer’s health. Many times productions of metals or plastics glasses might be toxic for humans in some way or under certain conditions. However, this is not the case with wooden eyewear frames because these handcrafted wood sunglasses are completely safe for use.

UV protection

Another excellent value of wearing woodey sunglasses is that they allow you to get high protection from ultra-violate (UV) rays of the sun. It’s exciting to know that the poly bi-carbonate, polarized lens act as a shield from UVB and UVM harmful rays. Glasses offered by woodey have a Tri-Acetate Cellulose (TAC) lens that is responsible to provides crisp visuals and also protects your pupils.

Stylish and Unique

We all know, wooden sunglasses are trendy as well as fashionable that everyone would love to lift their style with wooden eyewear. Moreover, you can also be a stylish person and follow the current trend while wearing wooden polarized sunglasses. One of the significant benefits of wearing wooden sunglasses is that they boost the style without taking away much attention. These glasses come with floatable frames and also give you a very authentic and pleasing look.

Along with this, wooden sunglasses are decorated, colored, or stained. People interested in arty things or are a crafty lover, wooden sunglasses are the most elegant choice for you. You can add some colors as well or paint on them by using natural dyes or oils.

The frame does not fade

It is essential to keep in mind that metal fades easily. If you get sunglasses with metallic frames, you may experience the color coming off after using them. One of the greatest benefits of getting wooden sunglasses is that the color of your glasses does not come off even if you use them daily or in any weather condition. It makes them more long-lasting, and you can use them forever without being worried about the fading of the color of the frame.

Strength and Durability

Many people have the misconception that plastic glasses are stronger than wood ones. It’s no more than a myth because wooden eyeglass frames are not simply made up of one piece of wood. The wood is curated by using a layering technique for several hours, making the frames strong and durable. Moreover, woodey focuses on handmade wooden glasses with an extra layer of bleach coating. It makes the frame resistant to the elements. However, there is no need to get them replaced every year, along with the lenses.

These are some of the significant reasons why wooden frames must be given a try. The inclusion of wooden glasses frames in the eyewear industry is considered a great innovative idea and is bound to gain popularity.

It is fascinating to know that woodey allows you to get a wide range of handmade sunglasses. Moreover, the natural features and properties of wooden sunglasses make them very eye-catching as well as they are also very durable. The site provides free shipping worldwide, and all prices are including tax.  

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