Joy Ghosh Of Pioneer Innovative Machines And Systems Launches Two Powerful Books About Creativity And Innovation.

August 03 20:52 2020
Popular Author and Mentor, Joy Ghosh, launches two new books titled “The Magic of Inventing” and “Invent And Grow Rich And Famous At The Same Time” as he looks to trigger the creativity in youth and entrepreneurs across the globe

Joy Ghosh of Pioneer Innovative Machines and Systems has again reiterated his goal of challenging people to use their unique talent to impact the world with the launch of two new books in the UniqueImpactAbility series. Titled “The Magic of Inventing” and “Invent And Grow Rich And Famous At The Same Time,” the books are coming at the best possible time, with the world entering a new era where creativity and ingenuity are imperative.

We are entering Economy 2.0 where self-sufficiency, creativity and innovative ideas are poised to become the new currency. With our new books on innovation, online live challenges and mentoring programs, at Pioneer Inventors Academy, we are taking the lead to take the art and craft of innovation from Wall Street to Main Street,” said Joy Ghosh, Chief Innovator at Pioneer Innovative Machines and Systems.

In a planet of 8 billion people, only 25% of the population feels – not necessarily believe, that they are living up to their full creative ability. The rest unfortunately has kept their creativity in captivity – captive to myths, fear, mis-direction and misconceptions. The objective of the books and mentoring programs at the Pioneer Inventors Academy is to primarily help that 75% recognize the immense potential of their creativity, discover their #uniqueimpactability to innovate or invent products and services that can be commercialized for positive impact on a target market and profit,” said Joy, author and mentor at the Pioneer Inventors Academy.

Joy Ghosh created the trademark UniqueImpactAbility, defining it as ‘Your Unique Ability To Make Massive Unique Impact.’ Joy aims to spur the innovativeness of every reader, sharing his three decades’ experience in innovation, technology, invention and enterprise consulting with the world. Joy looks to mentor readers the different aspects of inventing and how every individual, regardless of background or geography can leverage their creativity and problem-solving abilities to invent products and services that can be commercialized for impact and profit.

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About Pioneer Innovative Machines And Systems

Pioneer Innovative Machines And Systems, LLC was founded by Joy Ghosh as a privately owned company focused on invention and innovation, currently focused on solutions targeted on the clean energy transportation niche. Pioneer Inventors Academy, a division of Pioneer Innovative Machines And Systems, is a private institution focused on delivering practical, strategic and tactical education, coaching, mentoring and consulting services for young entrepreneurs, startups and independent inventors, empowering them to recognize the immense potential of their creativity to invent or innovate commercially viable products and services.

Trained as an electrical and electronics engineer, Joy Ghosh has served some amazing clients across 4 continents for three decades as a business and technology innovation consultant, helping them re-engineer and flex their corporate #uniqueimpactability, expand their impact on their customers and influence their market. Now he intends to extend his expertise to the engage the mainstream on innovation and invention.

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