Top Tier Partners With Wav Entertainment To Help With COVID-19 And PPE Needs

August 03 22:46 2020
Global conglomerate, Top Tier Group, collaborates with Wav Entertainment, a Canada based Entertainment Company, to provide fight the COVID-19 pandemic by providing PPE items to the needy

It is an unprecedented coming together of two heavyweights from different divides to fight a common enemy as Top Tier Group recently partnered with Wav Entertainment to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. The two companies announced the partnership as part of their social responsibility and in line with their goals of enhancing the lifestyle of people in any means they can.

The coronavirus pandemic has continued to ravage the world, affecting more than 17 million people across the globe, with over 660 thousand deaths as a result of the virus. Canada has not been left out of the rather unfortunate phenomenon, with more 115 thousand confirmed cases and over 8 thousand people dying from COVID-19-related symptoms. Governments, individuals, and well-meaning corporates have continued to contribute to fighting the virus. Authorities have put measures in place to curb the spread of the virus and this includes restriction of movements and gatherings as well as the compulsion of face coverings. However, more can be done, especially in the area of providing PPE items to frontline workers as well as the millions of people that need such items. This is where Top Tier and Wav Entertainment are looking to make a difference.

Top Tier is a global conglomerate with companies like Top Tier Moving. Other companies under the group include Top Tier Medical Supplies, a division that was specifically established to supply PPE items during the pandemic, and Top Tier Real Estate.

Wav Entertainment is an entertainment and media outfit based in Canada. The company has a reputation for offerin the finest in luxury, service, atmosphere, entertainment and people. The outfit’s decision to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic is particularly remarkable, considering that the entertainment industry remains one of the worst-hit sectors by the pandemic, with businesses struggling to make ends meet.

Top Tier Group coming together with Wav Entertainment to fight COVID-19 by helping to meet the PPE needs of people is a laudable move that deserves all the possible accolades.

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