Pest Control Boise Declares Top Nuisance Pests

August 04 07:45 2020
Pest Control Boise Declares Top Nuisance Pests
In a recent notification, Pest Control Boise notified homeowners that there are ways to control the worst nuisance pests in the Boise area.

Boise, ID – Pest Control Boise recently listed some of the nuisance pests that can now be controlled. Insects were the most often mentioned kind of pest.

Bed bugs topped the list of pests that have long plagued residents of Boise.  Being almost invisible, these bugs have been hard to eradicate once they have entered a home. Often residents aren’t aware of bedbugs until homes are completely infested.  Professional pest control companies now have ways to eliminate the entire infestation.

Wasps come in second on the list of troublesome pests.  Since they are able to make their nests in such tiny spaces, it often takes a Boise exterminator to completely rid homes and yards of these insects. Exterminators have the proper environmentally friendly liquids that can keep homeowners free from wasp stings.  

Ants are the third insect that can cause Boise residents to hire a Boise pest control company. Ants need to be identified before they can be eliminated.  Residents often don’t know if they have grease ants, sweet ants, carpenter ants, or many other kinds of ants.  A professional pest control company can tell what kind of ant is living in your house and will have the proper organic liquids to take care of the problem. 

Rodents rounded out the list of problem pests for Boise residents.  Summertime brings gophers building tunnels all around area yards, making lawns look unsightly.  Professional pest control companies can humanely trap nests of gophers.  Fall and winter bring mice into the house looking for a warm place to live.  These rodents can also be eliminated from area homes.

About Pest Control Boise

Pest Control Boise is an exterminator who services the greater Boise area.  They use organic, environmentally safe products.  They strive to provide the public with information needed to live in this part of the country. The company provides a wide variety of professional extermination services.

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