Matt Fox Reveals How to be an Entrepreneur in Fatherhood

August 04 13:56 2020
Matt Fox Reveals How to be an Entrepreneur in Fatherhood

Matt Fox – Founder of Heart of Dad
Business and Family Can Coexist!

LEWES, UK – Finding the ideal work-life balance is no easy task, especially when it comes to having a family. Many entrepreneurs who happen to be fathers feel a sense of guilt because they don’t feel that they’re making enough time for their families, especially their young children. No parent wants their child to feel like they come second to business, and no parent wants to find themselves with grown-up children who aren’t interested in a relationship anymore because they were never paid adequate attention. Thankfully, for fathers struggling with those fears and anxieties, Matthew Fox, founder of Heart of Dad, has the solutions they need.

Matt is a professional transformational coach who works with entrepreneur dads to help them avoid burnout, conquer stress, and find a better balance between work and family life. His goal is to ensure entrepreneur dads achieve their deepest life and business goals while not missing out on their kids growing up.

Through Heart of Dad, Matt offers solutions that don’t require learning meditation, extra mindfulness, and self-discipline or going through a major transformational process. Instead, he offers a simple three-step system that helps struggling entrepreneur dads find greater peace of mind and increase their productivity, all with a focus on lightening the mental workload. This, Matt says, allows fathers to clear their minds of overload and stress, make them feel more connected to their families, and allow them to find greater joy in their relationships again.

The coaching services that Matt offers are only the tip of the iceberg. In addition to helping entrepreneur fathers searching for that ideal work-life balance through personal consultations, Heart of Dad hosts a podcast by the same name. Every episode features an entrepreneur who struggled with feelings of overwhelm at work and a lack of engagement at home. The conversations are honest, poignant, and filled with wisdom and advice that helps entrepreneur fathers get to the heart of their issues. As if that wasn’t enough, interested parties can sign up for a free mini video series, featuring “5 Keys” to finding balance as an entrepreneur dad.

Having built four businesses, including one eight-figure e-learning business, Matt has had a long, diverse, successful career, all while learning to strike a perfect work-family balance on his own. He is no stranger to the struggles that many entrepreneur fathers are facing today and wants to help them create strong, lifelong bonds with their children. By helping these struggling fathers, he hopes to embark on a wider mission to help entrepreneurs all over the world find joy and success in their businesses while staying connected to their families in healthy, fulfilling ways. For Matt, this isn’t just another business venture — this is personal.

Those interested can find Matt on his website, Heart of Dad. A complete list of podcast episodes can be found here, and the official Facebook group for the podcast can be found here. The podcast can also be streamed on iTunes, iHeartRadio, and Stitcher Radio.

Matt can be reached directly through his website’s contact page or via email at [email protected]

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