Urhost Helps Food Businesses Adjust To The New Normal With Pre-Text Ordering

August 04 14:06 2020
Innovative mobile ordering platform, Urhost, continues to garner reviews from food businesses as they help to meet the needs of consumers even as they stay safe with contactless delivery

Urhost is a leading provider of mobile ordering solution and has become increasingly popular in recent times, especially with food businesses as they try to satisfy the needs of consumers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The comprehensiveness of the platform as well as its user-friendliness has endeared it to consumers that desire to treat their taste buds to great meals while staying safe.

The food business industry in the United States and other parts of the world has witnessed tremendous growth over the years. According to a report published by the National Restaurant Association, the restaurant industry is projected to record sales of more than $899 billion in 2020. The emergence of mobile ordering platforms has further boosted the sales of the industry, with a study revealing that 60% of U.S. consumers order delivery once a week and 34% of consumers spend at least $50 per order when ordering food online. Unfortunately, the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a new normal, which requires businesses to adjust to fulfilling orders amid strict adherence to guidelines. This is where Urhost has been of help to food businesses and their customers.

60%-80% of our customer order ahead during this pandemic without Urhost we would miss out on traffic due to social distancing restrictions. Urhost helps our customers pre order with ease,” said Jermaine Dumes owner of Down South Cajjun Eats.

Urhost provides local restaurants and food businesses a platform to enhance customer experience by providing a unique order ahead by texting feature to eliminate missed phone in orders. This is in addition to speeding up web ordering and preventing orders from getting lost in transit with non-self-navigating sites. The uniqueness of Urhost stems from the integration of the menu with a pre-ordering by text bot, easing the process from placing an order to receiving the delivery, ultimately giving customers the ordering power.

Urhost has already caught the attention of several food businesses, including North Austin Spinners Bar and Grill as well as Down South Cajjun Eats, getting more than 100 pretext orders daily.

For more information about Urhost and how to leverage the innovative ordering solution, please visit – http://menutxt.club/.

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