Cas Rollers Services, The Conveyor Rollers Maker Expert

August 04 18:21 2020
Cas Rollers Services, The Conveyor Rollers Maker Expert
“Cas Rollers Services is a family-owned and run business with an excellent reputation with the roller industry.”

NORTHAMPTON, UK – AUGUST 4, 2020 – Cas Rollers Services is a family-owned and run business that sells conveyor accessories. They provide the roller and feet requirements for hundreds of original equipment manufacturers and many industrial distribution networks, with the vast majority of business growth generated by repeat demand and customer referrals. Some of their products are:

Gravity Conveyor Roller: it is an unpowered roller that transports products by using the momentum of gravity; the rollers do not need any power to move materials. The gravity rollers are fitted into a frame, which is inclined slightly. This allows the freely running rollers to transport products using only gravity.

Gravity rollers have different uses and can fit perfectly in a range of industries. Gravity rollers are popular in many different sectors, particularly where boxed products are being moved, such as food, beverage, and logistics, as well as many others.

One of their products is Conveyor Belt Roller: this aligned a conveyor belt and controlling it, so it follows a set path. It’s often thought of as a difficult challenge for even expert maintenance technicians. According to their spokesperson, with the right tools and guidance tracking a conveyor belt can be simple.

As the conveyor belt is running, the set of belts will be loosed at the tail pulley end. This process loosens the snub roller, which is the central part that steers the conveyor belt.

It also uses a rubber mallet to secure the bolts into place in the direction the customer wants his or her conveyor belt to move. For example, if a customer wants to make his conveyor belt move towards the left, he will tap the bolts to the left-hand side. This will move the snub roller. After this adjustment, it is required to retighten the bolts, so the snub roller remains in its new position. Once this has been done, the belt should be allowed to run, and the customer should see the belt begin tracking towards the centre of the conveyor.

They also deal with Plastic Conveyor Rollers. The company stressed that they manufacture in a wide range of materials, including Polypropylene, Polyethylene, various Nylons, Acetal, and PEEK, amongst many others.

Typically Polypropylene is a versatile, hard-wearing plastic material that satisfies the standards and working environment of the food and drinks industry as well as much other light, medium, and heavy-duty application.

Polypropylene, as with all the plastic materials they use, can be machined in an almost infinite range of sizes and profiles to exactly match the application required. They are generally lighter, quieter, and more corrosion resistant than their metal counterparts, as well as typically being a more economical solution when compared with the stainless steel equivalent.


Cas Rollers Services is a family-owned and run business with an excellent reputation with the roller industry. At Conveyor Accessories Supplies, they take great pride in our ability to design and manufacture both ‘off the shelf’ and bespoke solutions for the most demanding of applications. They have particular expertise in conveyor rollers and leveling feet for the food.

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