Emirates Conveyancing, Worldwide Excellence of escrow agent contracts

August 05 08:12 2020
Specialized in this type of transaction since 2007, the company Emirates conveyancing with its head office in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, excels in local transactions, especially in real estate matters and basic necessities.

Emirate conveyancing, the art and excellence of account manager and escrow agent contracts. 

The word ‘escrow’ derives from the old French word escroue, meaning a piece of paper or a roll of parchment, it indicated the deed that a third party held until a transaction was concluded. Being in receivership is a contractual arrangement in which a third party receives and disburses money or goods for the main parties to the transaction, most commonly used with many conditions that lead to the legitimate actions that follow and end with the payment. The disbursement depends on the conditions agreed by the parties to the transaction. Escrow commitment generally refers to money held by a third party on behalf of the parties to the transaction. It is mainly used when buying shares of a company.

Mainly known in the United States and in Anglo-Saxon countries in the context of real estate and in the purchase / sale of commodities. Specialized in this type of transaction since 2007, the company with its head office in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, excels in local transactions, especially in real estate matters and basic necessities. Its shareholder and CEO Melanie KRATTIGER, after having studied law in Switzerland, has been familiar with the habits and customs of the Middle East for 5 years and has particularly specialized the company in managing escrow accounts for contracts other than real estate. Escrow account companies are also commonly used in the transfer of high-value personal and commercial property, such as the sale of commodities in the absence of a letter of credit, but also for the transfer of websites and shares. companies.

Although the arrival of new low cost online escrow services means that even low cost transactions are now starting to benefit from the use of escrow to secure transactions. Emirates Conveyancing has become a must in its industry, and know-how, customer support and support will never be matched. 

Many other examples of using Emirates Conveyancing Company services such as the purchase of vintage cars, where money is held in the buyer’s name in a temporary bank account, deposits for rental and / or purchase of private yachts or planes, provision of construction services, or after registration of the property in the name of the purchaser. The money is released when the services, the goods or also the construction works are handed over to the purchaser according to a standard defined initially in the tripartite contract.

The legal training, the competence and the 5 languages written and spoken by its CEO, allows to organize the transfer and the process of preparation of legal documents for a sale of property or goods, a re-mortgage or a lease extension or of contract, the transfer of ownership of movable or immovable property in a most legal manner.

Emirates Conveyancing has an account dedicated to the joint names of the seller and the buyer into which part of the consideration can be paid pending delivery in accordance with the contract. In a changing world, where bank guarantees and international business are accelerating in the age of the internet and cryptocurrencies, Emirates Conveyancing, ahead of its time, is omnipresent in the assurance of a successful transaction between a buyer and a seller, and remains the last neutral and sworn bulwark to avoid any procedure.

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