Equity Distribution Announces The Release Of Two Albums By Late Hef Swazey Of Blessed Memory

August 05 20:56 2020
“Unorthodox” and “8hrs”, The Two Albums Produced By Rising Hip Hop Star, Hef Swazey Before His Death.

Washington DC, United States – Aug 5, 2020 – Equity Distribution announces the release of two albums produced by late upcoming and rising hip hop star, Hef Swazey popularly called Swazey. The two albums titled “Unorthodox” and “8hrs” were recorded before the sudden demise of the hip hop star and are now officially released for download on every digital music platform. Equity Distribution is a music distribution platform that empowers music artist and let their music to be heard across the world and at the same time permits them to retain the ownership and control over their song. The platform has partnerships with 125 digital service platforms in different territories across the world.

Swazey, until his death was a rising hip hop artist that beautifully blends his musical skills with his acrobatics and athletics skills which gives a seamless flow of musical performance that reaches deep into the soul of the listener and also makes his musical performance a beauty to behold. He started rapping at the age of 7yrs old while growing up with her working-class single mother.  His upbringing in hip hop music neighborhood while growing up also plays a major role in his short career as a hip hop artist. This also strengthens his passion for music from his early childhood.

A video about Swazey’s acrobatic and athletic abilities went viral on every social media platform in 2019. The video shows him jumping over several high fences after being questioned by local police officers for what was mistaken identity while standing outside his apartment building in Washington DC’s NE neighborhood. The video tagged “Can’t catch me boy” landed him the opportunity to feature on MTV Ridiculousness in the same year and was on air again in 2020 on MTV DISTURBED, a new Ridiculousness spin-off series. Swazey was a guest at the Hip Hop Top Elite show in LA California where artists from the West, East, and South gave outstanding compliments on both his lyrical talents and his outstanding athleticism.

Swazey was a very talented hip hop artist and he has a huge passion for music. He followed up his love for hip hop music at a tender age of 12 when embarked on a music tour where he featured in musical shows along with other emerging music stars. He appeared several times as an artist of the month on local WPGC radio station with DJ Toney REDZ” said Faatimah Hipps, who is the artist’s assistant manager.” His phenomenal metaphors and his hard-hitting real-life lyrics gave him the chance to perform at the Black college summer tour where he did opening show for Young Thug Jaquese and other big-name stars”, she added.

Unorthodox album was written by Hef Swazey while 8hrs album was written by Swazey in conjunction with Cuz Devin and produced by Cuz Devin. Swazey worked on these two albums before he passed away and the two albums were released on 27th July 2020. A track in the Unorthodox album was produced by John T Moon where he created a hit track titled “Rictor Scale”. John T Moon and Swazey met as kids in the Boys and Girls Club in NW Washington DC neighborhood and they later met again to create the amazing sound and hard-hitting emotional lyrics “Rictor Scale”.

Each track in the two albums is skillfully mixed and blended to produce a piece of powerful music that nourishes the heart of the listeners. The legend of Swazey is embedded in the albums and he will forever be remembered for the short impact he made in the hip hop industry.

Unorthodox can be downloaded or listen to on https://spinrilla.com/mixtapes/hefswazey-unorthodox while the link to 8hrs album is https://m.soundcloud.com/cuzin2g/1-landr-vegetables-8hrs?in=cuzin2g

Swazey passed away in a horrific turn of events where he was gunned down by four unknown assailants while on his way to the studio to do his music.  His sudden death brought a cloud upon a shining and rising star. Though he is no more, his music and albums speak for him and he will be remembered as an icon that left too soon.

For more information about Hef Swazey, his music, and videos, visit:

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/dopeboyhef/




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