Co-Founder’s Aaron Harris and Kevin Charlie of Key Marketing Interventions Announce Launch of Their 3 Closings Guarantee For Real Estate Agents

August 06 02:33 2020
Co-Founder’s Aaron Harris and Kevin Charlie of Key Marketing Interventions Announce Launch of Their 3 Closings Guarantee For Real Estate Agents
Key Marketing Interventions, a leading North Carolina marketing company, is announcing the launch of their 3 Closings Guarantee for real estate agents. The program is designed to help real estate agents connect with warm leads, which can save them time and result in more income.

In an economy where the amount of home buying is lower than usual at this time of year, it’s important for real estate agents to have the connections that they need in order to achieve their income goals. But, for most real estate agents, that involves a number of cold calls and missed connections. 

Key Marketing Real Estate has decided to expand their services and co-founder’s Aaron Harris and Kevin Charlie have been developing a plan that can help real estate agents to save time and effort in big ways. They are announcing what they’re calling their 3 Closing Guarantee for Real Estate Agents, and this signifies something big for many real estate agents. 

The 3 Closing Guarantee is, in short, a guarantee that real estate agents are going to be able to get more sales, even during the tough times associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. The lead generating process can take time, but by using social media and other online marketing techniques, the amount of time spent on the process can be cut into 1/3 of what it was otherwise. 

With this initiative, Aaron and Kevin will work to start the lead generation process using social media and other means. Then, they take those leads, figure out which ones are actually going to be warm leads (i.e. leads that will likely lead to a final sale), and then pass them off to the real estate agent that they are working within that zip code. 

“Cold calling is dead, and our team wants to make that first connection so that you can focus on more important work. This guarantee means that we’ll work for you under that contract until you get 3 closing sales,” Aaron explains. He continued, “In times where housing sales are at their lowest since 2008, we know that our services can be what keeps a real estate company afloat.” 

The 3 Closing Guarantee is also meant as a first step; Key Marketing does not plan on abandoning their clients after that. After a client gets their third closing, Key Marketing will work with the real estate agent if they want to continue their relationship and get more lead generation and online marketing services from them in the future.  

Key Marketing Real Estate is an online real estate marketing company based in Greensboro, North Carolina. More information regarding Key Marketing Interventions and their 3 Closing Guarantee can be found at their website,

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