Remon Farag Opens The Victor Closet, One-Of-A-Kind Avant-Garde Fashion For Men in Dubai

August 06 07:57 2020

Dubai, UAE – When it comes to the world of fashion, it’s hard to imagine anyone contributing anything that new to the space. Remon Farag, though isn’t used to being boxed in. His world of fashion for men includes the weird, wonderful, and incredible.

UAE based Remon Farag has recently co-founded The Victor Closet, a fashion e-commerce company promoting accessible men’s avant-garde clothes. The Victor Closet is the first e-commerce fashion company that sells haute couture garments to its customers directly on the company’s e-commerce platform.

In his space, called The Victor Closet, you might feel like you’ve walked into a male fashion show. The models sport the incredible pieces. They are things that you can wear quickly to your local bar. Nothing in the collection is oppressive, and everything in it, says, “You can wear that.”

Remon Farag is someone himself who likes to dress a lot as his collection suggests. He wears sheer fabrics and piecey shirts with ease. Everything that he purports, he also sports. He’s not afraid to be who he is, which is huge in the newly reformed Dubai city. Everything that happens in the Emirates defies the ordinary. They build islands, so why not create an entirely new system for men to dress by.

Remon lives the life that few of us can imagine. He poses in front of pyramids and tags fashion nova in his posts. He graduated from The British University in Dubai and has since been making his head waves. His life is a series of photoshoots with his merchandise and cooking up designs in his head.

His concept of Victor’s Closet is someone who is not afraid to try unconventional ways of dressing. This idea of the untried carries the closet through. You can find blazers for work in the collection as well, so it’s not just all flashy glitz.

Any male who is tired of the same old will enjoy browsing through Victor’s Closet. The pricing is very reasonable considering that the clothes are high fashion and avant-garde.

The prices can get up there though into more of an haute couture range. For example, the Osiris top is USD 440. The mirrors on the top of the shirt are probably why the pricing is so high. There are other similar tops with unique designs in this price range. For other ensembles, you can expect to pay around one hundred to two hundred dollars.

Those who purchase should be careful to follow the dry cleaner’s instructions. The Osiris top, as a case and point, needs to be hand washed. You can also find coats in the collection. Most of them go to a man’s knees for the ultimate visual experience. Even here, it proves again that Victor’s Closet likes to push convention.

These are fun suits and shirts that make you want to save up for a special purchase. The pricing makes it accessible to anyone that wants to wear unique fashion, not just the ultra-rich. The nouveau designer is already making head waves in the fashion scene. Remon is undoubtedly one to keep an eye on when it comes to fashion designing with an incredibly forward-thinking approach.

Being in the UAE for more than 12 years, Mr. Farag has set an example of success and flexibility, enabling him to get around times of crisis and grabbing opportunities. Originally a civil engineer like numerous others arriving in Dubai in early 2008 who have been badly hit with the global financial crisis, he took a brave decision to study law in Dubai and obtained a master’s degree granting him access to the entire sector of the construction and real estate strengthened with his awareness and experience of both the technical and legal backgrounds of the business.

Mr. Farag’s passion for fashion has always been noticed by his colleagues in the construction/real estate business being always best dressed to office. His close connections with the fashion industry have, over the years, given him in-depth awareness about the field.  He has recently taken his passion to a further level by co-founding (along with another two partners) the Victor Closet.

Mr. Farag’s connections with various industries, from real estate developers to fashion designers to photographers and models, have offered him a fast-growing presence on multiple platforms of social media being an example of both success and style. His legacy so far proves that young people should believe in their passion and follow it wherever it takes them.

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