Humanique Is An Innovative Team Of Perth Psychologists And Are Passionate About Helping Everyone Live Their Best Life.

August 07 14:51 2020
Humanique Is An Innovative Team Of Perth Psychologists And Are Passionate About Helping Everyone Live Their Best Life.
Residents of Perth are now able to book in both Telehealth and Face to Face appointments with a Perth Psychologist at Humanique in Bentley or Mandurah, WA.

In the current post Covid-19 climate, Mental health services are more needed than ever. Even in Western Australia, where the good work of our premier has kept cases to a minimum, people are still facing an increasing number of attacks on their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. These issues do not just affect people who have had first-hand experience with Covid-19 and everyone from their family and friends would be under severe distress.

It is important that we take a step back and remember that everyone of us faces challenges in our lives at some point, even the strongest and most resilient among us. The key thing to remember is that none of us must face these challenges alone. Some of us overcome these challenges with the help of our friends and family, and some of us might need the help of a professional. That is perfectly okay.

At Humanique, they believe that seeing a psychologist should be as convenient and accessible as getting a haircut. There is no shame or stigma to be found in needing a helping hand. We all visit the Doctor or hire personal trainers to take care of our body, seeing a psychologist is pretty much the same thing, with a focus on taking care of our minds.

All Perth Psychologists who work at Humanique have three things in common: a passion for helping others, empathy for those in suffering, and excellence in clinical training. Our Perth Psychologists focus on working with our clients as equal partners, providing our objective feedback and guidance, while also ensuring that your voice is heard, in a safe and judgement-free area.

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Some of the services that the Psychologists at Humanique provide include:

  1. Individual Psychological Counselling and Therapy for Adults
  2. Child psychology services including psychometric and developmental testing
  3. Couples and Marriage counselling
  4. Career Guidance Counselling
  5. Psychological Testing and Assessments
  6. Group therapy for a range of concerns (Anger, Alcohol Abuse etc.)

Contact and location information are available at Humanique. You can also connect with them via their social media page at Humanique FB

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