Chinese e-commerce enterprise, Petmemoir, is offering tips and guidelines for pet owners as work resumes after Covid-19.

August 07 14:14 2020
Chinese e-commerce enterprise, Petmemoir, is offering tips and guidelines for pet owners as work resumes after Covid-19.

Petmemoir is a Chinese e-commerce company located that sells and distributes pet memorial gifts, tips, and products that bring comfort to pet owners during grieving times of a pet loss.

Through its website,, the company offers a vast array of pet memorial gifts to ease the pain of a pet loss. The company, among many products, designs and sells pet memorial stone, pet memorial frame, pet memorial jewelry, pet memorial ornament, and pet music box, pet custom personalized urns, etc.

Petmemoir is worried to send some tips to pet owners to make sure their furry friends don’t feel bothered when they return home from work.

According to Petmemoir: “As the blockade eases, some pets may feel separation anxiety if no one is around during the day. One of the things that many people really enjoyed during these difficult months is spending more time at home with pets. For some people, it’s a first chance to have a pet. With covid-19, workplaces, and economies around the world have been struggling to cope. With our recovery plan, many workplaces are returning to normal. After months of uninterrupted work in the house, animals are confused if their daily habits change rapidly.”

Animal experts believe Dogs are particularly eager for human companionship, so owners who spend more time in the office need to make their pets feel positive about their time alone.

Continuing, Petmemoir said: “The easiest way is to give your dog a short break. Let them sit for a few minutes, five minutes, ten minutes, then twenty minutes, then thirty minutes, and so on, so that they don’t feel isolated for a long time. Other options include hiring someone to take your dog to regular exercise during the day, investing in dog daycare, or arranging time to play with your friend’s dog.”

Studies revealed that anxious pets could annoy worried owners, especially if your pet escapes or becomes destructive or disturbing neighbors by barking or complaining. Other signs of distress may include loss of appetite, over grooming, and pacing.

Concluding, Petmemoir said: “Although we tend to focus on dogs in terms of separation anxiety, recent studies have shown that there is an emotional connection between cats and their owners and that they may also suffer from separation anxiety, though less obvious. Pet birds also experience separation anxiety, which can lead to feather picking and other depressing behaviors.”

The company, which is located in Beijing, ships all its merchandise to any location in the world within 5 to 10 business days using logistic companies such as EMS, DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc. 

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