My Halo Ring Limited Launches High-Quality Silicone HALO Rings Worldwide

February 08 21:10 2021
HALO rings provide a unique opportunity for people to inspire themselves and form a deep and personal connection with others.

HALO is the best alternative for metal rings, and every purchase includes a meaningful HALO message card that anyone can personalize.

The concept for HALO sparked in a coffee shop in Sydney. Its chief product, the HALO ring, is a hallmark of self-declaration, tribe affiliation, partnership and team spirit. This ring contains meaning and people’s stories. Since its conception, HALO rings have made a home in the hands and hearts of individuals and communities everywhere.

HALO rings are set to fit anyone. The rings are meticulously designed with Medi-Flexon™ next-generation liquid materials — making them safe, flexible, breathable, durable and hypoallergenic.

“HALO rings are built to last, and they are made to matter. They are reversible and can be worn outside in or inside out. HALO rings are genderless and every HALO ring purchased includes a free personalized message card to motivate, inspire or show someone how much they mean to them, they are perfect instruments to connect with someone,” stated David and Peter, co-founders of My Halo Ring.

This game-changing innovation is highly functional. HALO’S patent-pending airflow design and materials make HALO rings weightless and so comfortable the wearer won’t feel them, even inside a glove. Their design reminds the wearer of the message that the ring represents.

The rings are also waterproof and heatproof, so anyone can wear them safely during any activity — from cooking to weightlifting to writing. They are fashionable whether they are worn in a formal setting or on a sports field. All HALO rings are genderless as their months of research allowed them to develop one design for all. They are the perfect shape and style for every wearer.

HALO stands for tribe, intention and connection. They provide only the finest silicone ring pieces that carry meaning behind every design. Their silicone rings aim to help individuals deepen the meaning of their life and human connections. HALO celebrates trust, love, hope, joy, recognition and commitment. It is about value, the meaning behind the message and the feeling behind the meaning. HALO rings provide a unique opportunity for people to inspire themselves and form a deep and personal connection with others.

My Halo Ring does not stop in providing meaningful products. They make it matter more with their HALO Circle Fund. It is HALO’S way of supporting mental wellness initiatives and communities. With every HALO purchase, the customer gets to contribute to any of HALO’s three Circle Fund causes.

HALO rings are delivered through lifestyle-friendly reusable bags, that are so cool one will never throw them away. The HALO message cards included in every purchase are quality printed with a personal declaration straight from the customer’s heart.

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My Halo Ring delivers flexible, breathable, durable and hypoallergenic silicone rings that are built to last and made to matter.

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