Famous organization evaluation MUSO shows that the internal test passed, By the chain circle praise

February 13 06:09 2021

In IT field, third-party testing of system software is often more objective than ensuring engineering safety and quality, and can make a comprehensive analysis of the system to see if the functions of the software can meet the acceptance criteria. Detailed analysis and improvement can be carried out later to lay the foundation for software acceptance and delivery.
In the field of block chain, professional organization evaluation is becoming more and more important, which becomes an important reference standard for block chain investors to measure the quality of projects.

Global renowned blockchain evaluation agencies Ilya Oskin have given “hard indicators “:

The new generation of commercial-level basic common chain, through innovative consensus algorithm (BU Firework), main chain-sub-chain multi-chain structure (BU Orbits), main chain-main chain cross-chain structure (BU Canal), developer-friendly intelligent contract (BU CodeMach) and other core technologies, to build a universal value circulation of Internet infrastructure.

MUSO independent public chain is much higher than the standard of commercial basic public chain

MUSO independent public chain is an open source decentralized trading agreement that allows all currencies that meet the MUSO 20 to trade on it, facilitating DEFI investment by all categories of digital money investors. The goal is to become a shared infrastructure MUSO various DAPP in Macedonian ecology and provide technical standards for block chain ecology.MUSO the public chain has the characteristic of de-trust, the user investment will not be unable to work because of the server failure as the central organization, thus eliminating the risk in the transaction.

MUSO common chain adopts VDPoS (DPoS+pBFT) consensus algorithm to solve the problem of decentralization and security by introducing verification nodes into the traditional DPoS consensus mechanism. The vertical and horizontal expansion of the common chain is realized by multi-main chain + multi-sub-chain architecture. The data is stored in layers, global data state is saved, and business data is supported by structured chain and transaction.

To solve the high frequency and high performance financial commercial demand, MUSO technical architecture design will refer to the mature existing Internet network structure for re-innovation design, with four layers of block chain network structure: common chain layer; protocol contract and Oracle network layer; modular interface application layer, can meet the DeFi ecological complete block chain technology network.

Regarding the MUSO public chain, the Ilya Oskin evaluation is 4.5 stars, causes the global block chain practitioner’s strong concern!

Evaluation of Micro-chain Circle in Famous Community

MUSO internal measurements of microchains:

MUSO fill the blank of the necessary conditions in the DEFI2.0 era, we first use block chain technology to create a decentralized complete ecological platform with many functions, such as chain securities, chain futures, chain insurance, chain commerce and so on. Can greatly liberate block chain financial industry productivity, reduce costs, improve efficiency.

Evaluation of MUSO Founding Team

The six core team members given in the white paper are basically graduated from famous schools in western developed countries, three of whom have more than five years of experience in block chain. The core team BILL BROWN, graduated from UCLA, has worked in Microsoft, Oracle Silicon Valley headquarters, IBM semiconductor R & D center and other senior R & D management positions, with rich technical experience and management experience.

In addition, he also participated in the earliest application extension of Ruibo coin, the earliest technology sharer in the bitcoin community, the global senior block chain technology expert, as one of the earliest explorers of the global block chain technology, has extremely unique views on how block chain technology can be combined with open source.

The other three core members of the team Marco Di Maggio,Evan Kereiakes,Daniel Shin researchers from the National Center for Economic Research (NERA) and former economic analysts from the e-commerce platform TicketMonster CEO 、 the U.S. Treasury Department (Treasury), are accurate market pain points on technical and economic issues.

This is a veteran of the top financial team, with a number of financial, technical, policy, economic and other experts as consultants, to make all aspects of the decision-making reasonable and correct.

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