Award-winning marketer Ngalinda Innocent Ngalinda’s new book shares proven secrets of social media selling in the new digital world

February 16 19:51 2021
Top online and social media marketer Ngalinda Innocent Ngalinda has just released a new book on the proven social media strategies that helped him to take his business and that of his clients’ businesses to new heights.

Dublin, Ireland – February 16, 2021 – Businesses struggling to acquire leads and grow sales need not look further. Author and award-winning marketer Ngalinda Innocent Ngalinda has recently launched his latest book that shares the tested and proven secrets of selling successfully and capturing quality leads through social media in the contemporary digital world. Titled “Social Media Selling Secrets: The Essential Book to fill your social media channels, websites and funnels with dream customers”, the book brings to the table the key strategies that have helped the author himself to make it big with his business as well as enabled him to help others scale up their revenue through his own social media marketing agency.

“Social Media Selling Secrets” is available on Amazon in both Paperback and Kindle versions and has already acquired rave reviews from a long line of happy readers. 

We were struggling to craft our message and having the know-how on reaching our ideal customers on social media. After putting into practice the concepts shared in this book, we’re seeing instant results from our online marketing efforts!! Thank you, Ngalinda.” – John O’Dwyer, Small Business Owner 

“I’m really excited to announce the release of my latest book ‘Social Media Selling Secrets’ and I am really overwhelmed with the amazing response I have received in just a few days of the launch. A lion’s share of your potential leads or customers are online today and hence it’s extremely crucial for you to bring your business to the virtual space. More precisely, with social media activities ruling the roost these days, businesses need to have a commanding presence on social media platforms to ensure greater exposure for their business. Having said that, there is also stiff competition for businesses on virtual and social media for the businesses. And this is where my new book will help you with the major proven social media selling secrets to  beat competitors on social media and proliferate your sales figures”, stated Ngalinda Innocent Ngalinda. 

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“The current pandemic era has brought more and more people online these days as people are looking for ways to avoid physical contact and maintain social distancing. Businesses that have not launched themselves online yet will fast lag behind, even when they have a bustling business offline. We are in a new digital world today where online selling is fast becoming a dominant norm. There could not be a better time to launch my new book.” 

A successful marketer and entrepreneur today, Ngalinda Innocent Ngalinda too had his own share of misfortunes and losses with his own business. But, he kept on trying and over time unraveled some major secrets to stand out in the competition, acquire large numbers of leads and scale up sales figures. These are those social media secrets that have helped Ngalinda to receive 22x visitors a day to his main official website compared to the number he used to gain previously. These strategies have also enabled the leading marketer to help (through his company SuccessfulMedia) many startups and established medium-sized businesses proliferate their companies by 21.22 percent in profits. 

But while Ngalinda is content with his success and also that of his clients whom he guided to propel their business to newer heights, he now wants to share the secrets behind his success with the world to help more numbers of struggling entrepreneurs out there. It’s such an ethos that inspired him to come up with a new book.  

“I do know that there are many aspiring entrepreneurs out there who are having a hard time in securing a solid footing for their business online. They might have got most premium quality products or services to offer but they are still not being able to acquire sizable numbers of customers given their lack of access to the social media secrets of successful selling. Such thoughts motivated me to document all the key secrets that brought success to my business and also my clients’ businesses in a book to provide a coherent blueprint for proven social media selling strategies to my fellow entrepreneurs. And thus ‘Social Media Selling Secrets’ was born.”

“It took me around a year to compile all our research and transform it into a full-fledged book. It’s the ‘ONLY’ book which one would ever need to fill your website and funnels with dream customers. This book also contains the invaluable business and marketing insights which I have gathered over years studying the works of great marketing entrepreneurs, such as Dan Kennedy, Richard Branson, Dan Herny, Sam Ovens and more.” 

The new book shares and explains Ngalinda’s three key selling strategies that form part of his proven one page marketing plan. These include:

  1. Competition Strategy– It talks about how to triple profits by giving offers for free. The leading marketer implemented this strategy for one of his clients last year which rewarded the client with €2,700 worth of sales on just €150 spend on Facebook ads.
  2. Low Cost Leads Strategy– This strategy focuses on how to generate €1,000 worth of sales for free on autopilot or by spending mere pennies. It’s the same strategy that helped Ngalinda to scale up his marketing agency business from a €90 startup up to  €490,000 worth revenues per year and €134 gross profits per year in just 1 year.
  3. Webinar Strategy– This strategy shows how to sell high ticket offers & programs through a simple 4-step system

The book offers detailed explanations and step-by-step action plans to implement each of the strategies successfully. 

“I am hopeful my book will enable my fellow entrepreneurs to make it big with their own business online.” 

About the author

A man of many parts, Ngalinda is a highly successful entrepreneur, award-winning marketer and author. Over years, he has not only taken his own business to new heights but has also helped several small to medium scale entrepreneurs to grow their companies by 21.22% in profits and generate tens of thousands of new customers through his proven social media selling strategies. Today, Ngalinda commands a huge following on social media and his insightful advertising contents have been shared by a whopping number of 24 million+ people across various prime social media platforms.  

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