Fearless Beauty: The Hair Business Blueprint Takes on the Venture of a Lifetime

May 31 18:18 2021
The Hair Business Blueprint’s Mikey Moran discusses how he transformed a single idea to ten more in the book Fearless Beauty.

Sometimes, the things that people aspire and pray for are just right in front of them, if only they had the courage to take a step forward and let go of their inhibitions. This is exactly what Hair Business Blueprint founder, Mikey Moran did several years ago. He dared to dream and ventured towards a fearless journey and today, his ideas and musings are now in the form of a book titled Fearless Beauty.

Fearless Beauty is a book that documents the Hair Business Blueprint of its founder Mikey Moran. It tells the narrative of how he transformed a single unique idea to ten different brands, five retail locations, and a partnership with global e-commerce giant, Shopify. He lives by the principle that “One sale a week can change your life. A sale a day can pay your rent. I know because I’ve lived it.”

Don’t get fooled by the title of the book. Although it focuses on the hair and beauty industry, it actually tackles entrepreneurship and marketing. Fearless Beauty provides its readers with a roadmap to achieve success in an easy and efficient way by demonstrating practical theories to core marketing techniques. By reading this book, it is guaranteed that no matter what industry, budding entrepreneurs and even established ones will be able to gain enough insights and strategies to maximize their business’s returns while enjoying the process.

This book is really a unique gem in this genre and because of that, it is even ranked as an Amazon #1 Best Seller. Prominent people in the industry such as Angela Yee of The Breakfast Club, Kendall Ficklin, CEO of Grindation, and James Bronner of Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show, have already given their thoughts and reviews on the book. They are united in saying that it is an easy-to-read, informative, and helpful book that has the power to change lives by inspiring people to start out their business ventures.

There is beauty in being fearless. All it takes is just having the right guide and support system. Mikey Moran did it with only a single advantage, and he believes that everyone has it in them to turn their dreams into realities. Through Fearless Beauty, Mikey Moran wishes to motivate everyone to go after what they are truly passionate about.

To know more about the book Fearless Beauty and Mikey Moran’s Hair Business Blueprint, visit the website https://www.hairbusinessblueprint.com.

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Hair Business Blueprint is a hair and beauty business founded by Mikey Moran. Because of his perseverance, he now has ten different brands, five retail locations, and a partnership with Shopify.

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