Noel Mirabal Shines as an Actor after Serving in the US Coast Guard

June 01 00:21 2021
Noel Mirabal Shines as an Actor after Serving in the US Coast Guard

Proud US Coast Guard veteran Noel Mirabal dedicatedly served the country for eight years before he completed his term of service and was honorably discharged last 2014. He transitioned to becoming a reservist, fully convinced that he is still more than able to serve whenever he is needed. But destiny also opened another opportunity for Noel, which he did not fully expect—acting. And just when he thought his life had had all the surprises it could allow, Noel’s acting career took off.

Noel’s first acting project happened by chance after he came across an acting notice for actors who had military experience. Without expecting anything, he sent his professional resume with an amateur headshot and waited. Much to his surprise, he was called in for an audition in Atlanta. Without thinking twice, Noel drove to Atlanta, slept in his car, found a gym with a day pass where he could freshen up, and went to his audition. After going through the three-day audition, he was told he got the job on the spot.

At the beginning of his acting career, Noel was a background actor for television shows in Atlanta. Eventually, he started getting lead roles in television and film, including Addicted to Fame. The project was produced and created by fellow veteran Timothy T. Gray and directed by Carl Olympio of the CineasticZone Production. At present, Noel plays a lead role in the TV Show, Z: The Legend is Born. The film is produced and directed by Ray Urdaneta and Omar Soto of Wolf Eye Films and co-created and written by Javier Mayol. 

Apart from his acting projects, Noel is a Second Class Health Services Technician Reservist in the U.S. Coast Guard Air Station in Opa-Locka, Florida. He attended Miami Dade College through the help of the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill completed his dual associates in Criminal Justice and Drama. 

Despite the tough competition within the acting industry, Noel does not compare his performance with that of other artists. Instead, he strives every day to become a better version of himself, a better man than he was the day before. He believes that comparing himself with other actors is not a healthy practice. He would rather seek constructive criticisms from his peers to know where he needs to improve his craft. Understanding that acting requires flexibility, dynamism, and a certain level of openness in order to properly deliver what is expected of him, Noel makes sure that he remains teachable and receptive to professional insights on his performance as an actor. 

While he aspires to have a flourishing acting career in the future, nothing compares to his desire to stay happy and healthy with his family, believing that these are priceless treasures that he values greatly. Should his acting career continue on an upward path in the future, he will definitely be grateful, but his priority will always be keeping his loved ones safe and spending the most time with them whenever he can. 

Noel hopes to become an inspiration to his fellow veterans and show them that they can still do so much more even after they leave the service. So much potential and opportunities await them once they have completed their service. All they need to do is be willing to try out new things or pursue their passions outside of military life. 

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