Polished Floors Sharing 4 benefits of Having Epoxy Garage Floors

June 01 00:27 2021
Polished Floors Sharing 4 benefits of Having Epoxy Garage Floors

Polished Floors has been providing Toronto property owners with quality epoxy flooring solutions for over 15 years! With their experience and dedication to quality, home and business owners in the Toronto area are enjoying the most durable floors.

Epoxy flooring is unlike anything else on the market today. There are a number of amazing advantages of choosing these types of floors for your property. Not only can they be used in homes, but commercial properties too. There is also no limit to the size of the floor. Whether you want to install these floors in your single garage or a massive warehouse, it can most certainly be done by the experts at Polished Floors.


According to the expert team at Polished Floors, one of the main reasons why customers choose epoxy garage floors is the fact that it is so durable and easy to maintain. Known for lasting over 20 years, these floors are popular in homes and businesses alike. The epoxy coating bonds seamlessly to the floor to create a strong bond. They are also resistant to chemicals which is why they are often installed in warehouses where spills can easily occur.


Many types of flooring have cracks, pores and crevices that harbour dirt and even germs. Epoxy flooring, on the other hand, is smooth and does not have such holes in which bacteria can thrive. This makes them easy to clean and far more hygienic too. They do not even require any special cleaning supplies. Warm soapy water will do the trick!

Fast installation

Epoxy flooring can be installed extremely quickly. In many cases, faster than many other types of floors. Polished Floors usually complete the installation within two days. This is excellent news for business owners since it means that you do not need to shut down operations or experience an inconvenience for an extended period of time. Even homeowners love the fact that installations are so fast because it means that they can get back to life as usual sooner rather than later.

Increased safety

Epoxy flooring can be installed in various colours. This means that business owners can use a colour-coded system to create designated areas for their employees. These floors are also slip-resistant and fire-resistant. This means that they will help employers create a safer working environment for their staff. The epoxy coating also boosts brightness by up to 300% because it reflects light. Your floors, therefore, will essentially improve visibility and safety in the workplace. Plus, you will save money by not having to install additional lighting.

For further details regarding epoxy flooring or for a quote, call Polished Floors at (905) 731-7085 or visit their website at https://polishedfloors.ca. No matter if you need to get concrete polishing in Burlington, or consult new projects about epoxy flooring, you can find valuable help from them. The knowledgeable and helpful team of experts will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have as well as provide essential advice you never knew you needed.

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