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May 31 22:14 2021

God Frequency review guides about a specially designed digital program that helps to attain God’s blessings and fulfill deep wishes. And yes, this is quite different from the bracelets, stones, and necklaces that are seen mainstream as lucky charms.

God Frequency Reviews – A Unique Binaural Beats To Synchronize & Manifest Desires!

God Frequency works based on science as it involves Binaural beats which are special sound waves that enable both sides of the brain to synchronize and manifest desires. This sound program has a duration of 15 minutes and when listened to for 21 days is meant to transform the person’s life. 

With the growing user base of God Frequency, it is important to understand the reasons why and how it can benefit anyone to manifest a happy and prosperous life. This is exactly what God Frequency review would be focusing on. So keep reading!

God Frequency review

Program Name God Frequency
Main Benefits Helps to manifest the deepest desires for a fulfilling life. 
Creator Jacob X
Specification Online audio program
Duration 15 minutes
Price $37.00
Official Website Click Here

What is God Frequency Program?

God Frequency is a 15-minute sound bath that helps to manifest God’s blessings by aligning the brain’s frequency with that of the Higher Power. It involves listening to Binaural beats which are two special types of sound.

The program was inspired by the teachings of Jesus to brother James regarding the heavenly realm and future events. These were discovered by biblical scholars at Oxford University and were in the form of Greek writings.

God Frequency program is meant to help the brain vibrate at a certain frequency known as ‘Theta’ which is the god frequency. This level of synchronicity can be acquired only by mastering high-level meditation and was performed by Jesus and the disciples in biblical times.

God Frequency provides similar results through its sound therapy and helps to manifest the deepest desires for a fulfilling life.

About the Author

Jacob X is a former priest at a Catholic church who was invited to the Vatican for excellent service at the church. The priest was then expelled for enquiring to the Pope about the secret teachings of Jesus which were discovered as Greek writings by biblical scholars.

This is said to have occurred back in 2017 and over the years upon meeting a person named Marcus and brother who is a sound engineer, together created God Frequency.

How does God Frequency work?

God Frequency helps to manifest one’s deepest desires by attuning the brain’s frequency to that of God’s energy and acquire blessings. The sounds involved in this 15-minute program are said to manipulate cortical synchronization and take advantage of the brain’s response at all times.

God Frequency program works based on the sound wave therapy known as Binaural beats. These are two different tones with varying frequencies for each ear. By listening to these sounds, the brain receives them as beat frequency.

Thereby, the brain is synced to the frequency of god for manifesting one’s desires. In God Frequency, these binaural beats are in the form of various sounds of nature. God Frequency synchronizes both sides of the brain and keeps the mind balanced which can be quite difficult to attain through meditation.

It also reduces cortisol production in the brain and provides a sense of calmness. By listening to God Frequency for 21 days, 15 minutes per day, the brain becomes fully synchronized to manifest the life of one’s desire via God’s blessings. 

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God Frequency benefits

Various benefits can be achieved from the God Frequency but only upon practicing the 15-minute routine correctly for 21 days. 

  • Helps to repair broken relationships: God Frequency helps to manifest an improvement and healing in relationships be it with children, partner, friend, etc, and start the relationship in a better way. 
  • Provides a purposeful life: As the brain becomes in sync with the god frequency, a heightened sense of spiritual self is acquired where one follows the right path. Thereby, the user can live a meaningful, happier, and comfortable life. 
  • Ensures financial security: One starts to achieve god’s blessings and attract wealth and prosperity. Subsequently, new financial opportunities are grasped for higher income. 
  • Provides a balanced state of mind: God Frequency enables the brain to be automatically synced and achieve peacefulness as the cortisol levels decrease. This boosts mental functioning and significantly increases physical well-being as well. 

What’s Included in God Frequency?

God Frequency comes with a set of the purest sounds directly obtained from nature that are of the highest quality and exact frequency of binaural beats. These are developed based on a secret code in Jesus’ teachings regarding the heavenly realm, future events, and manifestation.

By listening to these sounds for 15 minutes a day, both sides of the brain achieve synchronization and become aligned with god’s energy. The audios provided in God Frequency helps to manifest wishes in all areas of life in a simple and time-saving manner unlike meditations and lucky charms.

Who is God Frequency meant For?

Anyone can use this sound program to fulfill their deepest desires and manifest the dream life. This also includes individuals who never go to the church or never practice any spiritual courses. Whether one is suffering from financial loss, broken relationships, failed life missions, or going through a very harsh time, the person can make use of God Frequency to bring about positivity.

Even if the present life is going well, the God Frequency program can help improve it further so that the individual can live life to the fullest. More than that, God Frequency can also help the brain to utilize its full potential and function at its highest power.  

God Frequency customer reviews

God Frequency bonuses

God Frequency comes with a special bonus worth $199 value. It is known as Love Frequency Binaural Beat for manifesting better relationships. It is specifically for those who have encountered relationship failure in the past and are struggling with its emotional baggage.

Love Frequency helps to acquire positive relationships be it with an ex or pursue a new partner. It can also help improve existing friendships, family bonds, and relationships with co-workers. Love Frequency helps the brain to heal emotional scars and develop healthy connections with other human beings. 

God Frequency bonuses

Is the God Frequency program legit?

Yes, the God Frequency is a fully legitimate program as it has been helpful to thousands of people to manifest dream life. As stated on the official website and God Frequency reviews, individuals from varying backgrounds and goals credit the successful manifestation of desires to God Frequency.

Moreover, science also verifies the effects of Binaural beats on mental functioning. Based on various God Frequency reviews, the methods in God Frequency are directly based on the secret teachings of Jesus which have been discovered and studied by biblical scholars at the Oxford University.

These methods have also been backed by researchers at the Harvard University who confirm its legitimacy for cortical synchronization.

God Frequency Pricing & Availability

God Frequency can be purchased from the official website at $37. And since this is a digital product, customers can get immediate access to the God Frequency program right after payment. There are no shipping charges as well.

The checkout page is protected by top security systems and only the details and credit card number must be filled out. God Frequency program can be downloaded onto any device which gives permanent access to the program. 

The payment of God Frequency is protected by a no-questions-asked 365 Day Money Back Guarantee which allows the user to try out the program for a complete year without losing money.

God Frequency Reviews – Final Verdict

God Frequency is an effective and natural way to have one’s wishes fulfilled and attract an abundance of positive life changes. By listening to the 15-minute audio track for a solid 21 days, which involves nature’s purest sounds, benefits similar to the highest mediation practices are achieved.

During the process, the mind becomes powerful enough to attract God’s blessings. As said in God Frequency reviews, It also helps to relax as the cortisol levels in the brain subside upon these vibrations. From romantic relationships and pay raises to a comfortable happy life, several happy feedbacks from customers can be seen on the official website.

God Frequency being a digital program allows immediate and lifetime access, anytime anywhere. Also, the 365-day money-back guarantee helps to get back the entire money at any time of the year if the results weren’t satisfactory.


  • Where to buy God Frequency? 

Visit the official website of God Frequency to get the authentic version of the program. 

  • Why should I use God Frequency? 

God Frequency is proven to help change an individual’s life and acquire happiness by manifesting whatever the person prays for. It helps to connect to god’s blessings and make use of them for the well-being of oneself and loved ones. 

  • Does God Frequency involve bonus?

Yes, God Frequency comes with the bonus Love Frequency Binaural Beat that helps to repair broken relationships and build new ones as well. 

  • Does God Frequency provide a refund? 

A no-questions-asked 365-day money-back guarantee is assured with God Frequency. 

  • How to use God Frequency? 

Practice listening to God Frequency for 15 minutes up to 21 days for complete transformation.  

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