Dragon Squad Celebrities Fight in Times Square

June 01 17:21 2021

New Yorkers may boast to be the center of the universe, but when it comes to finance, media and entertainment, then maybe it does indeed have a good case. And if Downtown Wall Street in Manhattan is the financial hub of the world, then Midtown Times Square and its associated Broadway district can be considered the capital of show business. So as to live up to such high expectations, Dragon Entertainment filmed on location their celebrities fighting as part of their Dragon Squad the Gangs of New York movie production at AMZ Boxing Club in Times Square. In one corner is former judo world champion and sports celebrity: Amy Zhou, owner of the gym. Across the boxing ring, her opponent is martial arts hall of famer: Grand Master Tyrone Bullock, founder of Dragon Entertainment along with his wife Jocelyn Nguyen who also plays the role as one of the four beautiful female bodyguards to Amy.

Dragon Entertainment production crew on film location at AMZ Boxing Club
Photographer: Leong Ying (25th May 2021)

Celebrity Gym Owner: Amy Zhou surrounded by her four femme fatale bodyguards
Photographer: Leong Ying (25th May 2021)

It is simple billed as the Big Fight, between two martial arts legendary world champions of contrasting styles of Japanese judo and Chinese kung fu. To find out who came out as victor, the world will have to wait until the premiere of Dragon Squad in November at the AMC movie theaters in Times Square as part of the Urban Legends film festival. The main fighting protagonists were not the only celebrities on show at the film production site, as international popstar and fashion guru: Aaron Paul, makes a cameo appearance playing the role as his celebrity self in the movie.

Celebrity Fighters (Left to Right): Grand Master Tyrone Bullock, Popstar Aaron Paul and Judo Champion Amy Zhou
Photographer: Leong Ying (25th May 2021)


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