Star Lanka Burma Ruby Collection Notoriously Difficult To Source In Good Quality

June 01 17:26 2021
The country known as Burma is the oldest source for Ruby gemstones. It is challenging to source the desirable gemstones in the type of quality that discriminating customers’ demand. Additional sources such as Mozambique are available.

Star Lanka is pleased to present its sizable inventory of Burma Ruby gemstones. The presence of Chromium in the deep red gemstones is the component that makes rubies glow in fluorescence. Burmese ruby is also known as the Old Burma ruby and is the most desirable version of ruby gemstone. It is best known for its dark red pigeon blood color. The clarity of the gemstones is superior, and the gem is noted for its astrological value. Old Burma Rubies are quite rare and are thus quite expensive.

Burma Ruby catalog entries online demonstrate various colors, from the highly desirable dark red gem to scarlet red and rose red options. Matched pairs are desirable for settings or various types. In fact, many of the gemstones are described as jewelry-ready. The stone would make a unique and vibrant ring, pendant or brooch depending on the size and shape. Suggestions about ways to use the gem in a setting are available.

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Browsing the options in the online shop is easy and convenient, thanks to the various filters and drop-down menus. Specifications listed for each image include weight, measurements, shape, source, color and certification if available. The certification availability has been suspended due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Many of the listings in the catalog feature a short video of the listing in addition to the photo. By picturing the gemstone or gemstones from all angles, the buyer can better understand the color and clarity. 

The Burma Ruby is particularly recommended for creative people who are looking for popularity and fame, as well as for individuals who are plagued by bad health. The wearing of the gems is believed to be necessary for stockbrokers, artists, actors, goldsmiths, government officials, and dealers of cotton. Astrologers also note the gems for their association with the sign of Leo.

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Star Lanka has been an industry leader in acquiring and distributing rubies and other semi-precious stones. Since its founding in 1985, the company has expanded its selection and its reputation globally. The firm has locations in Thailand, Hong Kong and China.

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