This Online Tool Allows Users to Change Their Location on Tinder for Free

June 01 15:00 2021
Swipe right internationally.

Millennials have given birth to a new way of finding love on the internet. By simply swiping right on dating applications such as Tinder, one can easily make new connections without having to see the person in flesh. In millennial slang, this is called modern dating.

This has made it easier for people to connect and communicate with another user in the same time zone without having to fly out. However, these apps come with restrictions that limit the fun for the users. One particular issue is the lack of options to find matches in other cities unless users subscribe to the premium bundle. Which, more often than not, would cost a hefty monthly fee. Tinder Plus or Gold costs up to twenty dollars per month.

Some people just don’t have the money for that. But thankfully, there are Virtual Private Network (VPN) services to the rescue.

Using a free VPN to change Tinder location

There are a lot of benefits when using a VPN for Tinder. One of which is it can add another layer of digital protection for the user. Since Tinder users basically are sharing their personal information with literal strangers, the risk to their online privacy is higher. But not with a VPN. Secondly, it can let users change their location to interact with matches from another country without a monthly fee commitment, simply by connecting to a foreign virtual server.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install a VPN successfully:

First up, download a reliable VPN. For beginners, a free VPN such as GoingVPN is suggested.

Next, launch the app by connecting to any server location available. Make sure to override the GPS location to allow the VPN to do its job. Once done, the app should now recognize the chosen location.

Finally, sign in to Tinder and see the matches broaden. Now, users are free to swipe right from across the globe, whenever and wherever they like.

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