Fashion Designer Sheguang Hu Highlights Story of Chinese Women

June 01 20:35 2021

The Sheguang Hu National Fashion Tour premiered in Wuhan at the Red T Art District on May 28, 2021.

“The fashion industry is a microcosm of social development. I hope to show the prosperity and rise of China through 100 pieces of qipao. Chinese women are self-motivated and confident. They are telling their stories in a variety of ways,” said designer Sheguang Hu.

The Red T Art District in Wuhan, Central China’s Hubei Province, has been transformed from a 72,000 square meter warehouse into a “fashion hotspot”.

On May 28, Hu’s national fashion tour premiered at the Red T Art District. One hundred Chinese women, made up of China’s top supermodels and Hu Sheguang’s team of female models, dressed in customized qipao.

The fashion show is a cultural gift to show the world the beauty of traditional Chinese culture, but also highlight the style of Chinese women in the modern world.

Designer Sheguang Hu, skilled in translating Chinese cultural history into fashion elements, integrates Chinese ethnic-cultural essence into his qipao. You can see it in the unique silhouette and ethnic headwear, giving a richer layer to the fashion show.

Hu adopts elements of China’s intangible cultural heritage in the patterns on the fabric, such as Beijing embroidery, Miao embroidery, Su embroidery, jacquard, and uses chiffon, silk, imitation fur, bamboo fiber, and other fabrics to show the ingenuity of Chinese craftsmanship.

At the opening, 100 Chinese women, most of whom are members of the Communist Party of China, wore red qipao adorned with two red five-pointed stars to express their patriotic love.

The show broke convention by hiring non-professional models on the runway. They presented beautiful stories about China marching forward into a new era.

After the first stop in Wuhan, the fashion tour will be held in other Chinese cities, including Beijing, Erdos, Urumqi, Wuxi, and Dingxi.

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