Vasanda and ESG Risk Guard Announce Partnership

June 01 22:07 2021

Vasanda and ESG Risk Guard partner to offer organizations a comprehensive view of their ESG landscape.

Vasanda EcoSphere, a leading London-based start-up specializing in financial sustainable risk screening, today announced a partnership with ESG Risk Guard, a New York-based company providing tailored ESG risk management consulting and a range of ESG and TCFD readiness assessments.

This strategic partnership aims to provide organizations with an understanding of their sustainability-related risks and readiness to manage those risks through the rigorous assessments provided by ESG Risk Guard, encouraging strong ESG practices that lead to significant benefits for the organization. While Vasanda offers thorough screening practices on risks ranging from deforestation to carbon emissions, organizations will now have access to ESG and TCFD readiness assessments that will provide them with a review of their ESG risk landscape including how they can reap financial rewards through opportunity identification. 

Vasanda co-founder and CEO, Philip Lilliefelth, explained,

“For Vasanda, having someone of Brendan’s background and expertise not only as a sounding board in the sustainability space but also with the ability to offer our clients a service that includes ESG and TCFD readiness assessments is invaluable. We look forward to working closely with the ESG Risk Guard team.”

Brendan Walsh, Managing Partner of ESG Risk Guard said,

“We are delighted to partner with Philip and the team at Vasanda and we are really excited about the synergistic benefits this partnership can bring. Vasanda will now be able to offer their clients end-to-end, strategic consulting services combined with technology-enabled, data-driven Measurement, Reporting and Verification of greenhouse gas emissions. This development is perfect timing, just as governments and corporations call for greater transparency and disclosure on the climate-related financial risks.”

About Vasanda

Founded in 2017 in London, UK, Vasanda specializes in pre and post-trade sustainability screening. Our EcoSphere MRV tool measures, reports, and verifies trade data through intelligent trade screening. Transactions are matched by their product taxonomy against certifiers & specialist sources providing instant impact data for one-touch ESG reporting. In partnership with Pole Star’s PurpleTRAC, Vasanda leverages their state-of-the-art maritime intelligence to provide prescient and pre-emptive data-driven seaborne trade activity. Vasanda also has a strategic partnership with CarbonChain which allows the utilization of universally accepted accounting principles to enable accurate and comparable greenhouse gas emission reporting.

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About ESG Risk Guard

ESG Risk Guard provides a range of tailored engagements ranging from ESG Strategy to ESG Risk engagements (including risk governance, and risk strategy) as well as a range of climate-specific analysis (such as counterparty climate-related risk assessments, physical and transitional risk assessments). ESG Risk Guard also provides a range of readiness assessments which quickly gives you the tools to assess your organization’s readiness to manage your ESG or climate-related risks. The climate-related readiness assessments are based on the TCFD recommendations and are tailored specifically to meet the different needs of asset managers, banks, insurance companies and private equity firms. ESG Risk Guard provides a unique combination of sustainability, risk management, global financial services, governance, and audit expertise, built on a solid foundation of commercial expertise and pragmatism.

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