Living The American Dream With DJ Palina La Diva

June 02 00:16 2021

She made it and is living the “American Dream.” DJ Palina La Diva made the impossible possible. Born and raised in Europe, Palina has always had a passion for music since she was a little kid. Starting out in the school band to dance competitions until she finally started DJing with the age of 15.

Palina never took no for an answer and worked twice as hard to get where she wanted to be. Her dedication and extraordinary skill on the turntables made her to one of the best DJs worldwide.

One of her first DJ residencies was at THE PEARL CLUB BERLIN. The Club where major Superstars like Justin Bieber and Lil Jon would go to dance to DJ Palina’s sets. And very soon her name was well known around the country. She started DJing at the hottest Parties in Germany and all around Europe.

At such a young age Palina was already on top of the game and made the big move to the United States where her career took off completely. You could not imagine a hot party without having Palina DJing for it. She had a residency at the Samsung 837 venue in New York where other big names like Gwen Stefani and Diplo would also perform. As well as residencies for the worldwide known chain W Hotels where you could find Palina perform in Times Square & Hollywood.

Nowadays she is known to be one of the most highly sought out international DJs in the global market. She has played every type of show a DJ can book, including events for the academy awards such as the official oscar gifting suite where Oscar Nominees and winners would dance to Palina’s DJ sets. She went on Tour with T-Pain and played an opening act before him performing his show.

Even the pandemic didn’t stop her. She was constantly featured on big brands’ live streams where she was playing DJ sets and creating Mixtapes for them. One of the biggest DJ websites on this earth “DJ City” published a mixtape from DJ Palina La Diva that amassed thousands of listens and was a huge success for the website. She also played a one hour set on Pitbull’s Globalization Channel on Sirius XM, a radio station reserved for the most exclusive and high preforming DJs.

During the pandemic she made a move to Puerto Rico to focus on her Latin performances. This meant more parties at high-end Puerto Rican hotels and venues with an emphasis on Reggaeton music. She performed for thousands of tourists and locals on the weekly and even played an exclusive set for Superstar Nio Garcia’s birthday.

Palina started sharing her DJ knowledge on youtube, which made her videos go viral, amassing over half a million monthly views. She comments and breaks down songs from other big artists and shares her opinion about it. People love listening to her knowledge and was she has to say about the new releases that she gets up to 300 000 views on a single video. She continues to upload new videos weekly.

Since parties are slowly coming back to life DJ Palina La Diva will be traveling again. She will be playing at her Residencies in New York City at the Hotspot “Catch New York” and W Hotels on a monthly basis and she has also gigs lined up in Los Angeles and Las Vegas and Puerto Rico. Palina is currently working on her new summer mixtape that will be released in June 2021.

No matter where she goes once she starts DJing everyone starts dancing. Her music style is open format with a lot of latin and hip hop infused music. This mix of genres makes her truly unique and not comparable to other DJs.

We can’t wait to see where she will be DJing next and where we can catch her to dance to one of her DJ sets.

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