The Game That Makes Learning a Blast

June 02 16:39 2021

HMK Innovations, a market newcomer which focuses on developing alternative forms of learning, has unveiled their pilot product – an educational video game called Testing Ground: Tivoros-1. The game aims at helping children aged 7 – 11 learn and practice their math skills while also serving as a source for entertainment.

“For our first product, we decided to develop a game with math at its core.” – explained the CEO of the company, Ivan Hristov. According to him, the company picked math as it was a subject that could be easily adapted to different languages and serve as basis for their upcoming projects.

“We see math as both a challenge to adapt to a game and an opportunity to show our ideas and approach.” – shared Hristov. The creators of TGT-1 have been working on the game for a period of more than a year, during which multiple studies and consultations with both teachers and children have been conducted in order to refine the game’s content and transform learning about math into an intuitive and well-structured process.

The game is currently in the final stages of production boasting a demo version and launching a crowdfunding campaign in Kickstarter. Publicly available information regarding the functionality of the game reveals some of the game’s secrets. The story progresses through duels between players or against virtual bots with different math challenges being introduced every round. The player will have to solve algebra, geometry, and word problems with each problem being broken down into several smaller components in an ABCD format.

The goal of the campaign is to raise the necessary funds to complete the game and potentially add features to the original product. Additionally, TGT-1 will help establish a player base both for the product and all upcoming projects. The studio has plans for covering more subjects through new video-, mobile-, and board games.

“We are introducing our product on mobile platforms first because we want to make learning available to the player everywhere they go.” – shared the Creative Director of the company, Ivan Markovski.

Find out more about Testing Ground: Tivoros-1 – A Link To Their Kickstarter Campaign.

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