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June 02 20:15 2021
A rising demand for drivers lately speaks of great career opportunities and strong income potential for trained and certified drivers in the US.

Willow Grove, PA – June 02, 2021 – With the world finally coming out of the claws of the COVID lockdown restrictions, a bunch of industries have started showing increasing demand for skilled professionals. One of them is the trucking industry which is currently showing a rising demand for professional drivers. According to leading truck dispatch service company Edwards Dispatchers, the contemporary driving scene also promises the potential of high paycheck for qualified drivers.

“The trucking industry has elevated to one of the most significant pillars of the national economy today, moving nearly 71% of all freight of the United States. Also, 80% of the Americans depend on trucks for daily delivery of essentials, such as clothing, food and medicine. Industries such as mining, construction and utilities would have a hard time surviving without the consistent delivery of necessary goods. And that brings us to the rise of the trucking scene and simultaneously an increasing demand for trained and certified drivers”, stated Omar Edwards, the founder and CEO of Edwards Dispatchers. 

Per the statements of the seasoned truck dispatcher expert, the demand for drivers has reached an All Time High lately so much so that a Texas-based energy company has recently started paying drivers (with commercial driver’s license and even just 2 years of experience) a jaw-dropping $14,000 per week.

“The rate might apparently seem too high but on second thoughts, we know how the US economy would collapse without the constant support of the trucking industry and the drivers”, explained Mr. Edwards while speaking about the whopping paycheck offered by the Texas company to drivers.  

“Can you ever imagine driving on any major freeway and not seeing a truck hauling any sort of freight? Well, if it ever happens it would deal a severe blow to the national economy.” 

He mentioned a recent Fox article in support of his statements which had raised concerns about how truck driver shortage has had affected deliveries nationwide in recent times. The article has also stressed about the urgent need to hire a whopping number of 1.1 million drivers to cope up with staggering demand. 

Speaking further, Mr. Edwards stressed that the trucking industry could become an even bigger pillar of the American economy in near future and would present a lucrative career opportunity for the current high school students of the USA.  

“The trucking industry speaks of excellent potential in terms of career and great earning opportunity in near future. The current booming state of the industry assures solid  six-figure income earning potential for drivers. Coupled with that, there is the facility of limited barriers to entry and high demand of drivers. In fact, looking at the current state of affairs, it’s a great time for high schools to foster relationships with the American Trucking Association to educate the future business leaders of America about the benefits and advantages of a career in the trucking industry.” 

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