Discusses What to Expect from Personal Injury Attorney Las Vegas Services

June 03 01:04 2021 Discusses What to Expect from Personal Injury Attorney Las Vegas Services

Personal injury laws define what injuries warrant a lawsuit and how the victim can acquire compensation. Under the laws, there is a statute of limitations that defines how long the claimant has to file their lawsuit, and the laws can dictate when and how they get paid. 

Gathering Details About the Case

To determine if the client has a viable case, the attorney will review all the details about the case. Specific case types may have additional steps that must be followed. For example, if the claimant was turned down for Social Security Disability, the attorney must know why the client was denied benefits and when. Typically, the denial is because the SSA didn’t have enough evidence of the disability or the SSA doesn’t believe the claimant has a qualifying disability. Some claimants just need more information, according to 

What Type of Evidence Is Required?

When building a case, the claimant must present the attorney with all their medical records or forms that give the attorney the right to acquire the records. The type of injury defines what medical evidence is needed to support the claim, and the attorney reviews all the medical records that offer enough evidentiary support for the claim. If additional evidence is available such as surveillance footage, the attorney will file a motion to get the video. Naqvi Injury Law Attorneys Recognized in 2020 Super Lawyers

Review the Financial Losses

When setting up a personal injury claim, the attorney will calculate all financial losses sustained by the victim. For example, if they had out-of-pocket medical costs, the attorney will get invoices from the victim’s doctor. If they lost wages because they were out of work, the attorney can request work and earnings statements from the victim’s employer. If the claim involves an auto accident, the victim will need to present auto repair estimates, too. Claimants who need more information about a personal injury claim visit our website for more details now. 

Will the Victim Require Additional Ongoing Medical Treatment?

If the victim’s injuries require additional medical treatment, their doctor will need to provide testimony about the injuries and why the victim needs additional treatments. For example, if they sustained a traumatic brain injury, the doctor can explain how the injury affects the patient’s ability to take care of themselves and if they will need more surgeries or if they will need long-term health care. Victims that need assistance can visit an attorney such as Valiente Mott now. 

How Does the Victim Receive Their Payment?

Once the victim wins their case, the court determines if they receive a lump sum payment or if the defendant will send them payments. The type of case defines what options are available to the claimant. 

Personal injury laws cover a variety of circumstances that could lead to a legal claim. The cases could include Social Security Disability, worker’s compensation, dog attacks, or medical malpractice. Claimants can meet with an attorney and determine if they have a viable claim and what to do next.

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