Bettering Communities Through Financial Education and Empowerment with RBC Wealth Management Advisor, Gustavo Corte

June 02 22:14 2021

Having a basic understanding of personal finance, including credit, saving, investing, and managing debt is one of the most important basic life skills needed to live a happy and secure life. A nationwide increase in financial literacy would result in a more responsible society with better budgeting skills, less debt, a better quality of life, and a better economy overall. Gustavo Corte, a financial advisor at RBC Wealth Management, has a vision for a more financially educated and savvy community.

Born in Mexico, Gustavo came to the United States at the age of 13. Having to learn a new language in an unfamiliar environment forced him to have to grow up a bit quicker than kids his age. When he was in high school, Gustavo’s parents decided to move back to Mexico, forcing him to take on the role of managing their family’s finances. This early introduction to the world of personal finance pushed him to begin investing in his financial future. As a freshman in college, Gustavo purchased his first piece of real estate- a condo he lived in for two years and then decided to use as a rental property. While in college, he connected with an advisor at RBC Wealth Management that became his mentor. He always knew the world of business and investments was his passion, and quickly fell in love with wealth management and the difference a financial advisor can make.

After graduating from the University of Arizona, Gustavo was determined to secure a job at RBC Wealth Management alongside his mentor working to manage money for private clients and organizations. After plenty of persistence and experience in several other positions, he finally secured his dream position in 2018. Today, Gustavo and his team, Richard Schaefer, AWM Senior Vice President – Branch Director, and Bobby Present, Senior Vice President – Financial Advisor, specialize in working with clients with investable assets over $5 million. The team manages around $525 million dollars for private clients, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. As a wealth advisor with diverse experience, Gustavo is making a difference for his clients and for his community.

1. Experience. Gustavo has ample experience working with different types of clients. Together with his team, they are acutely aware of the unique challenges and concerns of successful families and organizations. Additionally, Gustavo’s early and profitable personal experience in real estate investing allows him to offer his clients an alternative perspective when considering investment opportunities, managing cash flow, and navigating various tax implications. Gustavo also serves as an advisor for two privately-held family businesses in Tucson, Arizona, a high end remodeling, general contracting firm, and a coworking business in downtown Tucson.

2. Community Engagement. His devotion to helping others extends past his professional life. Gustavo is very active in his community in Tucson, Arizona. He sits on the board and participates in several nonprofit organizations including Casa De Los Niños, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Arizona, El Río Vecinos, Tucson Young Professionals, and most recently, Emerging Leaders Council. Working as a financial advisor with such empowering clients has opened Gustavo’s eyes to the power of business ownership, financial literacy, and giving back.

3. A Vision for the Future. Gustavo’s personal experiences, professional career, and community work have helped him understand the importance of having a relationship with a wealth advisory team. As more people understand the basics of investing, a more educated community of highly skilled individuals will emerge, leading to better job opportunities that in turn will generate more revenue to put back into the community. Gustavo enjoys speaking to groups and students on this topic to truly start making this a possibility. He helps them understand proper credit, saving, investing, and debt management skills to transform their financial mindset. 

Gustavo Corte’s early success in business and passion for helping individuals and organizations grow financially and improve their mindset is what makes him a unique candidate in his field. As your financial advisor, with his team, and through communication, relationship building, and tried and true strategies, they will develop a plan that will allow you to enjoy today, while feeling confident in your tomorrow. All while minimizing taxes and maximizing cash flow.

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