IGNIGHT’s All-Weather Solar Power Bank Keeps Adventure Seekers On The Move

June 03 02:21 2021
Rugged power bank with massive power perfect for outdoorsy types and travelers alike.

A cutting-edge new product has launched that promises to put power in the hands of adventure seekers and individuals on-the-go. IGNIGHT is a rugged, outdoors and adventure brand founded by adventure seeker Chris Parker during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. As an avid skydiver and travel enthusiast, Chris lives and breathes all things adventure. “As someone who has always strived to live without limits, it was tough to watch the world shut down” said Parker. “I knew at the time though that we would eventually be on the other side, so I set out to create a product and a brand that would inspire people to get back out there when the time was right”.

IGNIGHT’s flagship product is their all-weather solar power bank that features a charging pad, two fast-charging USB ports and a Type-C input and output. The durable device is ideal for any type of adventure regardless of environment, making it the latest must-have device for every travel enthusiast.

In addition to charging devices of nearly any kind, the power bank also features a powerful LED flashlight, a solar power backup and an IP66 waterproof rating – meaning its dust tight and can withstand high pressure water and drenching rain. Its military grade outer shell protects it against falls that would be catastrophic for most devices.

The device also boasts a massive 26,800mAh of power which can charge smartphones up to six times while having enough power for additional devices.

Founder Chris Parker is an adventure enthusiast whose mission was to solve a consistent problem he was experiencing of needing long-term power and a rugged multifunctional tool while enjoying his love of skydiving, skiing, and other outdoor experiences. After a year of research and countless prototypes, IGNIGHT was born and now serves as an essential resource that empowers people to enjoy a life of epic adventures – while also being able to capture those moments with their devices.

In an effort to give back and help end energy poverty in Africa, IGNIGHT has partnered with international charity SolarAid to help provide families in remote areas such as Malawi and Zambia with access to safe solar light. IGNIGHT donates one percent of its total monthly revenue to the cause, specifically to SolarAid’s SunnyMoney program which offers community members the opportunity to become entrepreneurs, generate additional income for their families and provide a safer solution to kerosene lamps. To date, SolarAid has provided 12.3 million people with access to clean solar light, saved families $473 million and is responsible for 6 million community members noticing improved health.

To learn more about IGNIGHT or to purchase this innovative new product, visit https://ignight.us. To learn more about SolarAid’s SunnyMoney program, visit them online at https://solar-aid.org/sunnymoney.

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