Wall St. Is Tracking The New ‘Internet Land Grab’

June 03 07:33 2021

Since the start of 2021 news had been spreading around the Wall Street community of a new movement led by Gen-Z and Millennials known as the ‘Internet Land Grab’. What’s essentially happening is that a new digital wild west is opening up and young investors are asserting that real wealth in the 21st century will be generated by owning 100s if not 1000s of online businesses. While thousands of online businesses may be an exaggeration, some in the investment community have realized that this idea holds merit and actually makes sense given the global shift online as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The younger generations have realized that it is now easier than ever to open their own unique online retail store, similar to a Walmart or Amazon, and automate their entire business from marketing, website management, and even customer fulfillment and shipping with near zero involvement on their part.

So, what are they selling and how? They’re primarily peddling trending retail products highlighted by social media personalities such as make-up accessories, pet supplies, and household knick-knacks. They’re then  selling these goods through a third-party market exchange, primarily Shopify.com

Now why is Shopify.com this generations’ first choice of market exchange? Quite simply it’s one of the only marketplaces that has the ability to completely automate the merchandise sales process – meaning that the ‘owner’ does not have to pack or ship a single product the customer orders, nor do they even have to be involved in the day-to-day operations; it is 100% automated so they can theoretically kick back, and watch the sales roll in.

However, automating an online business isn’t necessarily easy or straightforward for the everyday person, so these young entrepreneurs are paying third-party providers such as Digital Stores Construction, or a freelancer on Fiverr (links below) to get their online store up, running, and 100% working for them. Just as cash earns interest in a savings account overnight, so too can these automated Shopify.com stores fulfill customer orders while the owners are sleep.

Given the relative ease and range of products to sell on Shopify, people are having dozens of these online stores created and automated for them to target specific product niches. A quick YouTube search will see that some young entrepreneurs are earning over $100,000 plus a month using this business model. Investors are calling it a landgrab as setting up dozens of online stores in this manner is similar to scooping up land in the American West during the mid-1800s.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating toll on global life for nearly all of 2020, one silver lining is that is has had a profound impact on the equitability of anyone, anywhere to own an online business and sell to anyone around globe, and what’s more Wall Street only sees this trend continuing into the future.

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