Epochal, the Epic Theme-Based Music Album Is All Set to be released on 2nd July 2021

June 03 07:42 2021
The album is a perfect blend of instrumental music comprising of the choir, electronic touches and full orchestration.

When it comes to music, there is no doubt that it unites people like no other force. Some people like pop or classic music, others find solace in instrumental music. Though every person has a different taste, when listening to a masterpiece, one cannot resist enjoying the music and the atmosphere it creates. Epochal, a themed album, serves the same purpose. To be released on 2nd July 2021, the album is composed using a piano as the main instrument with epic orchestrations and choir, leaving people truly mesmerized.

The album is categorized into ten chapters, each comprising of a unique song. This incredible themed music album beautifully unveils the journey of a person who survived doomsday and is now trying to find another soul alive. Each of the songs on the album gradually reveals the journey of that person. The Pianist has kept the piano as the main instrument of the album and collaborated with two talented singers from the metal scene. These singers are Marina La Torraca from Phantom Elite / Exit Eden and Zuberoa Aznarez from the band Diabulus In Musica / Tragul. One of the songs received an accolade in the Peace Songs awards and, also got nominated for Hollywood Music Media Awards in the USA. 

The songs in the album take people on a roller-coaster of emotions. Fear, joy, grief, happiness and disappointment are experienced all at once when listening to the theme-based Epochal. A combination of classical music and film music, the album took more than three years. The album is full of epic choirs, perfect for instrumental lovers, piano enthusiasts and soundtrack fans.

The artist behind Epochal, Matias Bacoñsky, a pianist and composer, made this marvelous musical album out of sheer passion and love for music. Born in Argentine in 1994, Matias started the musical journey at the tender age of 16. Amy Lee, from the rock band Evanescence was the artist’s inspiration to play the piano. After releasing three solo albums, it was time for the artist to compose a full orchestrated album, ie. Epochal. Through Epochal. Matias strives to promote the message of hope and finding light in every challenging situation. The album, to be released on 2nd July 2021, will be available for pre-order on iTunes and on CDs through the website on June 4th 2021. 

About the Album:

Epochal is a theme-based instrumental music album. The album, a blend of orchestration, choir and some electronic touches, is made in collaboration will some great music artists. Epochal will get released on 2nd July 2021, and will be available for pre-order on 4th June 2021. 

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