‘Zanbur Energy’ Emerges as the First in the Market to Offer a Solar System as a Subscription Service

June 03 07:48 2021
Zanbur Energy is the first in the country to offer a solar system with a battery storage subscription!

San Antonio, TX, USA – The sun emits enough energy to the Earth every second to meet the total human energy demand for more than two hours. Given that it is promptly accessible and renewable, solar power is an attractive source of energy. Regardless, less than two percent of the world’s energy came from the solar sector at the beginning of 2018.

Historically, the harvesting of solar power has been costly and generally less efficient. Indeed, even this meager use of solar power is an improvement over the last twenty years, as the total amount of solar energy collected increased more than 300 times from 2000 to 2019. Over the last twenty years, new technological advances have driven this expanded dependence on solar power by reducing costs.

New technological advances guarantee the increase in solar power consumption by reducing costs and improving its effectiveness. Stepping up the game in this regard is Zanbur Energy, the first company that has officially announced to provide solar systems as a subscription-based model.

Contrary to the industry standard, which is based on a 25-year lease, or customers pay for it through loans, Zanbur Energy’s Solar Subscription Service serves to empower locals in the United States. In addition, the company’s lithium-ion battery storage system comes standard with any solar energy system size. Zanbur Energy does not charge extra for the battery, which further creates ease for consumers.  There are also no long-term contracts for the subscription of the solar system.

With Zanbur Energy, customers are guaranteed to save at least 20% or more on their electricity bill, depending on the location.  “We are delighted to announce that Zanbur Energy is the first to provide a subscription-based payment model for solar systems across the nation. With this endeavor, we desire to encourage locals to start utilizing clean, renewable resources. Our no long-term contract option further allows households to make a smooth transition to solar energy without worrying about costs. In fact, with a guarantee to provide 20% savings on the electricity bills of our loyal subscribers, Zanbur Energy is determined to stay ahead in the solar sector,” says Zanbur Energy Founder.

Significantly, Zanbur Energy’s GenSystem generates and stores electricity using solar panels, which provides continuous power to users even in the event of a grid breakdown or natural disaster. The company’s vision behind the subscription-based solar system model is without doubt revolutionary and proves that solar power is the future.

About Zanbur Energy:

Based in San Antonio, Zanbur Energy is the first company in America to offer a solar system as a subscription service, rather than the industry standard, which is a 25-year lease, or customers pay for it through loans. The company’s solar system comes with a lithium-ion battery storage standard, and it does not charge extra for it. Customers are guaranteed to save at least 20% on their electric bill or higher, depending on the location.

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