Frank Calise of CFR Capital Group says Women Deserve and Need Better Investment Advice

June 03 19:12 2021

Scottsdale, Arizona – When it comes to some fundamental views on the various costs and timing of retirement, women and men share similar outlooks. However, when it comes to confidence and assurance about retirement security as well as actual savings, the stark and notable differences between women’s and men’s views often underscore a persistent gender gap.

It is worth noting that women usually outlive their husbands. Also, only one-third of women more than sixty-five are married. Because women are usually on their own and live longer, they need more retirement income compared to most men. This is why they also need the same or even more advanced planning than men.

Note that most companies are looking to “empower” women as though they need a lesser version of investing because they are women, which is concerning.  Women are considerably more likely than men to experience a savings shortfall in retirement. As a result, they are more likely to rely solely on Social Security for most of their in-retirement living expenses. 

There are many factors that lead to this problem. However, the main cause for women falling considerably short in retirement is usually lower lifetime earnings. On average, not only do most women earn much less than men for similar jobs, but various caregiving responsibilities also cause gaps in earnings.

CFR Capital Group is an Arizona-based financial planning firm that helps women investors retire as though they are people, not women. The firm considers women as investors that want to be treated as investors and not women investors. The team at CFR Capital Group specializes in helping women who need a reliable wealth advisor and retirement planner they can trust.

Investing and retirement are equally important for men and women. Women believe that investing is a crucial part of retirement planning, even if they do not act on it for various reasons.

“As an independent woman, you have various financial needs and concerns which are unique and specific to your situation. Perhaps you want to purchase your first home. Maybe you’ve to save for your child’s college education. Or you may be worried about planning for your retirement. Regardless of your circumstances, we know that you need to have a clear and thorough understanding of your financial position. And that usually means developing and implementing an effective plan. We believe that the financial services industry can play a huge role in helping women achieve their dream retirement by treating men and women equally. Most firms in the industry have specific brochures, presentations that talk about women and investing. Most of these presentations speak in layman’s terms and, quite frankly, are insulting. Our women investors could be single, divorced, widowed, or married and completely happy, but they would like to have a plan of their own. Our industry is very much behind the times, and their presentations for women are more about emotional empowerment as a woman instead of getting together an actual plan like everyone else. And we would like to fix that,” said Frank J Calise, CEO and Founder of CFR Capital Group.

The goal of CFR Capital Group is to support a future full of independent, strong women based on education, knowledge, positivity, and empowerment.

About CFR Capital Group

CFR Capital Group is an Arizona-based retirement and financial planning firm offering a wide variety of products and services, such as estate planning and money management, under one roof. The professionals at CFR Capital Group believe that women can benefit considerably from working closely with financial and retirement planning specialists who can help them understand and appreciate their options and implement plans that provide women as well as their families with financially stable and secure lives.

The firm has a team of experts in diverse specialties of financial and tax planning, such as investing and insurance to tax planning.

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