Grisel Companioni Announces Launch of First Book “Buddy, My Great Companion” Teaching Kids about Pet Love

June 03 16:45 2021
Grisel Companioni just released her first children’s book that discusses her relationship with her dog Buddy to help them learn how to care for and love animals

Grisel Companioni is proud to announce the launch of her children’s book titled “Buddy, My Great Companion“. The book narrates the incredible relationship between the author and her dog, Buddy, providing her with emotional support, love, and companionship.

Buddy passed away on May 17, 2021, at the age of 21. Three months short of turning 22 years old. Vets and other experts say that Buddy is the oldest and biggest dog to have lived that long here in Staten Island, NY. Grisel wants to share the memories with Buddy and help children learn how to connect with their pets, treat them well, and appreciate them for their companionship.

The book will also teach kids the importance of friendship, commitment, and loyalty, in their relationship with others. Buddy is a lovely dog that will be missed dearly. Stories of Buddy will continue to teach others the ways to live an extraordinary life.

After Buddy’s demise, Grisel Companioni realized even more how important their relationship had added so much value to her life. She benefited a lot from the connection and knows that if children are taught lessons on the importance of caring for animals and loving them, they might live a more fulfilling and happier life as they grow into adulthood.

“Buddy, My Great Companion” is a 33-page book written in English and available in kindle and paperback. It has beautiful illustration and provides an excellent opportunity for children to learn how to care for a pet.

Many kids who read the book have developed interests in having a pet which is a good thing. Pets offer great companionship, and they can help people improve in mental and physical health in so many ways. Grisel Companioni will continue to create a series of books based on Buddy.

To purchase the book, please visit Amazon.

About Grisel Companioni

Grisel Companioni is an author and healthcare worker based in New York. She’s a dog lover who likes to use her experience to teach kids about caring for and loving their pets through her books. She promises to continue to publish a series of books based on her relationship and experience with Buddy.

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