Blonde expert Ajkune Ahmetaj, the first Swiss-Albanian celebrity hairdresser who has developed her signature products and who has worked with the most popular Albanian singers

June 03 21:03 2021

Known as the first and only Albanian hairdresser who was able to develop her signature hair coloring, hair extensions, lipstick, and shampoo products, Ahmetaj has scaled up services, especially as more people rely on their salons as a comforting source of self-care.  

Ahmetaj was born in Kosovo and moved to Switzerland years later. She began working as a hairdresser while attending a three-year professional course on hairdressing. 

After completing the course, Ahmetaj opened her first salon in Switzerland. Ahmetaj quickly rose to fame as one of the best-known Swiss-Albanian hairdressers. 

The blond expert worked with celebrities and singers, including Tayna, Dafina Zeqiri, Kida, and Elvana Gjata. 

In 2017, Ahmetaj said she completed a masterclass training with well-known hairdresser Mounir. 

Now, as an expert in the field of dyeing, coloration, and extensions, Ahmetaj said she has put up her own masterclass training so she could share her expertise and knowledge with people who want to master professional hairdressing techniques. 

Coiffeur Ajkune offers people the opportunity to finish masterclass training, allowing them to learn the techniques of Ombres, Bayalage, and Meches. 

Ajkune Coiffeur has made social media abuzz in recent years with celebrities and singers availing of the top hairdresser’s services. 

“Nowadays, social media remains as a powerful marketing tool — something Ajkune Professional has mastered. Participants will be able to learn how to best utilize it on the masterclass training, Ahmetaj said. 

Ajkune Coiffeur’s collaboration with several celebrities has made it on top of the industry, with the brand’s latest styles and collab efforts becoming a topic of conversation on Instagram and in the newspaper.

Ajkune Ahmetaj herself has built a huge network on social media, with 1.2 million people following the blond expert on Instagram. The Swiss expert’s business Ajkune Professional, on the other hand, has amassed 376,000 followers on the same social media platform.

Ahmetaj’s philanthropy is about giving back to others, which she sees as something that gives her a sense of purpose and allows her to show a sense of appreciation.

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