Buy Used and Furbished C-Arms by Siemens & Philips from Summus Medical Solutions at Great Prices & with Assured Customer Service

June 03 23:24 2021
Summus Medical Solutions is a decade-old buyer and seller of used C-Arms. It has the technical expertise to refurbish C-Arms and sell them in the aftermarket at affordable rates. Its customers include hospitals, healthcare centers, veterinary hospitals, etc.

According to announcements released by Summus Medical Solutions, it is a trusted online retailer for hospitals, veterinary clinics, and other medical facilities that wish to buy used and refurbished C-Arms.

The choice of C-Arms available with this business includes the best-performing models by Philips and Siemens. Popular models most in demand include the BV Pulsera, BV Endura, Arcadis Avantic, and Arcadis Varic. These imaging devices can be used for cardiac tests, vascular studies, orthopedics, etc.

This business has chalked up an impressive record as a trusted buyer and seller of C-Arms. Refurbished C-Arms available with this seller help healthcare facilities save money and deliver high-quality service. The refurbished models can sustain the heavy workload experienced at hospitals and diagnostic centers. Summus Medical Solutions provides a robust warranty on the used and refurbished C-Arms that it sells. Hospitals and medical facilities can rest easy that the money they spend on these C-Arms is safe.

The refurbishment of the C-Arms is a detailed process during which the used devices undergo tests and repairs. They are then painted and calibrated before being put up for sale.

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The BV Pulsera is an excellent quality C-Arm. With a 9” or 12” image intensifier, the highly maneuverable C-Arm has a pulsed acquisition rate of 30 pulses per second for clearer images at low doses. A rotating anode facilitating better penetration of rays makes this a good choice for working with larger patients.

The BV Endura is a rugged and versatile device well-suited for medical facilities with a heavy imaging workload. It has been designed for regular and vascular procedures. It features a 12” image intensifier. This DICOM-compatible C-Arm is equipped with two 18-inch LCD monitors.

The Veradius is useful for mobile fluoroscopy procedures that demand high-quality images. The thin flat detector with the device delivers images with sharp contrast and a high level of clarity.

The BV Libra is among the best value-for-money C-Arms in the market. It is maneuverable andlightweight. Medical facilities can choose the model that is the best fit for their size, capacity, type of work, and budgetary requirements. For example, hospitals that carry out many imaging tests may want to consider C-Arms with rotating anode tubes that facilitate faster cooling.

This vendor of refurbished C-Arms hires experienced biomedical technicians who can assess devices before purchases, refurbish these, and then sell them to the right customers. The staff is always ready to answer questions from buyers and help them make correct purchase decisions. Healthcare facilities have saved valuable money running in thousands of dollars by consulting Summus Medical Solutions on issues related to used C-Arms.

Summus Medical Solutions is also an affordable provider of parts and consumables. These include drain bags, drapes, printing supplies, etc.

About the Company:

Summus Medical Solutions was founded in 2011 and has since then provided refurbished C-Arms to medical facilities at competitive prices and backed its sale by excellent customer service. This vendor sells mobile C-Arms by Siemens and Philips. It also offers other supplies related to the mobile imaging equipment it sells.

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