Breeze Maxx Reviews – Top Trending Portable Air Conditioner to Beat The Summer Heat

June 03 19:46 2021
Breeze Maxx Reviews - Top Trending Portable Air Conditioner to Beat The Summer Heat

Breeze Maxx is a portable and easy to use air cooling device that can help you save lots in not just electricity costs, but also in the money that goes to the maintenance and installation of air conditioners. You can use Breeze Maxx air conditioner right out of the box with little to no effort needed to install, maintain, and clean this device. With its filter, you also get clean air – not just cool air. The filter clears the air of allergens and bacteria, promoting an overall clean and cool environment in your room. 

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Frustrated you have no control over the rising temperature and electricity costs? Unfortunately, both are predicted to rise in light of climate change and poor economic affairs. But while you can’t control the weather, you sure can control your electric bills. Guessing we’re going to suggest you reduce your air conditioner usage in this sweltering heat? Nope. Instead, you can keep cool at a budget-friendly cost – thanks to Breeze Maxx portable AC. 

Breeze Maxx Review 

Breeze Maxx is a reliable air cooler that works like an air conditioner minus its drawbacks though. In that, the cooler is a portable device that doesn’t cost much and doesn’t guzzle up electricity to increase your monthly bill. 

This way, you don’t have to pay huge sums in buying, maintaining, and running the device. To top that, you can enjoy the cooling anywhere you prefer in your house as the lightweight, noiseless unit is easy to move from one place to another. You can also choose from the different cooling settings. 

Plus, the device works not just as an air cooler, but also an air purifier and humidifier. This expands its life to more than just use in the summers. Instead, you can use it in dry weather too as a humidifier. Not to forget, the device is easy to use and doesn’t take much in assembling or installation effort as well.

The best part? Breeze Maxx air cooler is currently available at a pocket-friendly price. In fact, you can get up to 70% discount on the purchase of these units if you hurry up. There’s also a money back guarantee in place that protects your investment in case you aren’t content with the device. That’s a win-win. 

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How Does Breeze Maxx Work? 

Breeze Maxx portable AC is an easy to use air cooler. Set up takes hardly a few minutes, especially, considering the device is almost ready to use straight from its packaging. 

Essentially, the air cooler detains water molecules from the environment, using the evaporation technology to cool the air. You can use it as an air cooler, humidifier as well as purifier. 

How Can You Use Breeze Maxx? 

Using this device isn’t limited to a particular season as you can use it as a humidifier and purifier in addition to an air cooler. This means that using Breeze Maxx portable AC isn’t limited to the summer season. Instead, you can use it throughout the year. 

Here are three ways to leverage this device: 

  1. As a purifier

Breeze Maxx is fixed with a filter that helps clear dust, pollen, and bacteria from the air. In doing so, it purifies air circulating in your vicinity. 

  1. As a humidifier

By using the bottle that comes with the air cooler, you can use it to release moisture in the air. This helps combat dryness and body discomfort, making it a good investment for those experiencing respiratory system and skin dryness. 

  1. As an air cooler

This is the foundational role of this device. It’s a portable and cost effective replacement for your air conditioner as it helps to cool the area in its surroundings. 

How To Set Up Breeze Max Air Conditioner?

As mentioned, Breeze Maxx air conditioner is almost ready to use right out of its box. To begin with, unpack and plug the device to a socket of your choice using a wall adapter or USD charger. 

Then, fill in the water chamber. The good news is it takes no more than 1-2 refills, which saves you from additional work on your plate. Place the filled chamber back into the air conditioner.

Next, pick from your preferred settings to enjoy the cooling. Note that you can plug in and use the air cooler in any location – be it your office or kitchen counter. 

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Breeze Maxx Features 

Breeze Maxx portable AC shows some noteworthy features that make it worth the investment. Let’s walk you through its top four features below: 

  1. Portable 

The winning feature of Breeze Maxx is its portability. Unlike an AC, its use and, with it, the cooling, isn’t limited to one room where it’s fixed. Instead, you can carry this lightweight cooler anywhere you prefer – from your personal room to the study or at the home office, you can enjoy the summers with personal space too.  

  1. Noiseless 

Another outstanding feature of the device is that it doesn’t emit much noise as it works. This means you get a quiet and cool environment with the use of this air cooler. Not to mention, the environment is also clean, thanks to the installed filter that purifies the air by removing allergens and dust particles. 

  1. Reasonable to run 

The cooler uses 1.25 to 3.25 watts of energy daily. This means there’s not much electricity consumption, which saves you from all the expensive, skyrocketing bills that don’t fall into your budget. It also means you can enjoy air conditioner-like cooling, but at a much lower cost expenditure. 

  1. Convenient to use 

Maintenance doesn’t take professional hands or additional investment. Instead, you can clean the air cooler at your convenience whenever you see fit. You only need to fill in the water chamber as it empties and that’s all for the work on your plate. 

Breeze Maxx Air Cooler vs A Regular Air Conditioner 

If you put Breeze Maxx and your air conditioner under the comparative lens, you’ll see that the air cooler earns several winning points. Let’s see how: 

  • The air cooler doesn’t use as much electricity as an air conditioning

We know that air conditioners run on electricity to cool your room. The proof comes from your electric bills that empty your pockets in the summer season. 

In contrast, this air cooler uses evaporation technology to cool the air in its surroundings, which means less electricity consumption. Moreover, you only have to charge the device to be able to use it. Again, this means less electricity usage and lower electricity bills. This helps you save more money than when you use an air conditioner. 

  • The air cooler isn’t as costly as an air conditioner

Not only is running an AC costly, but investing in one also takes some serious money. That’s not the case with the Breeze Maxx air cooler. It’s priced reasonably. Plus, there’s also over 50% discount on the pricing currently so you can easily get not just one, but 2-5 units of the device at a pocket-friendly pricing. 

  • Air cooler maintenance is a piece of cake where AC cleaning needs professional work 

Anytime you have to clean your air cooler, you can do so yourself without much effort. An air conditioner, however, needs professional service. Not only does this add to the costs, but it also means you have to get in touch with a good service company first and make time for getting your air conditioner cleaned. 

  • An air cooler is portable but an air conditioner is not 

Breeze Maxx air cooler is portable. This means you can carry it to your home office, keep it by your bedside, or position it on the kitchen counter. In all cases, you get top notch cooling. This is not a perk that an AC offers. 

With an air conditioner, you are limited to using it only in the room that it is in. In fact, if you have only one AC in the house, everyone has to gather there, getting zero personal space. This is nothing you can do about it though since sitting without an air conditioner. Hence, if you look at this point too, you’ll see that the air cooler is a straight winner. 

  • Air cooler comes with greater functionality than AC 

Where you can only use an air conditioner for cooling, you can use an air cooler as a purifier, cooler, and humidifier. That’s three birds down with one device. You can also vary the cooling settings so you can use Breeze Maxx portable AC in spring and autumn too. All this adds to the flexibility and functionality of this device, giving you lots of points over an air conditioner. 

Where to Buy Breeze Maxx? Best Pricing and Money Back Offer

For those interested in Breeze Maxx, there’s good news as the air cooler is currently available at discounted prices in packages. This gives you the option to choose a deal that suits your requirements and budgets best. Visit the official website here to select your desired package.

Available options are: 

  • One unit of Breeze Maxx air conditioner for a price of $89.99. This is a 50% discounted price, currently down from the original price of $179.99.

  • Two units of Breeze Maxx for the price of $85.49 per unit. In this case, the original price is $359.96, but with the reduced pricing you can save $188.98

  • Three units of the air cooler with a per device price of $80.99. This takes the total to $242.97, which helps you save $296.97.

  • Four units of the device for a price of $76.49 per piece, helping you save $413.95.

  • Five supplement bottles where each device is for $71.99 only. This gives you a whopping device of $539.94.

Note that you can pay via most of the prominent shopping channels. On the plus side, the official website promises there are no hidden charges on top of the shared costs. Of course, you need to pay a small amount in shipping charges, but nothing on top of that. 

Money Back Guarantee

A cherry on top of the discounted prices is the 30-day money back guarantee. This means you have 30 days until you decide how you like this air cooler. During this time, your investment is safe with the manufacturer. 

If you decide against the air cooler – which isn’t likely since most users appreciate it, even leaving positive reviews on the device – be sure to act within a month’s time. Put simply, if you aren’t satisfied, act within 30 days of placing your order to apply for the refund. 

Once you return the unit(s) you have purchased, your money will be returned to you at the manufacturer’s earliest. 

Breeze Maxx Extended Warranty 

Just as you can get a bottomless drink or upsize fries with your burger orders, you can get an extended warranty as an add-on with the purchase of Breeze Maxx. 

This extended warranty lasts for three years and covers device replacement and protection. It costs only $771.99. But with this amount, you can share any complaints with the manufactures and have it fixed free of cost. This makes this extended warranty add-on a useful one. 

Should You Buy Breeze Maxx In Bulk? 

If you have a huge house but you can’t afford to keep the air conditioner running round the clock throughout the summer season, you should consider investing in more than one unit of the Breeze Maxx air cooler

Not only will the additional units help cover more ground in your house, but also save you money. Similarly, if everyone in your house prefers to sit in their personal space, you’ll find it sensible to order this air cooling device in bulk. 

Hesitant to invest since this is your first purchase with the company? There’s no reason to worry as your investment is protected with a 30-money back guarantee. So whether you are buying one unit or five, you can easily return them and get your money back in case you aren’t content with the results. 

Besides, it’s also a good idea to invest in bulk order if you are ordering not just for yourself but also your sibling, colleague, or friend. Why? Because the more units you order the more discount you get. In case you are satisfied and want to order more devices, you wouldn’t need to go through the headache of placing repeat orders. 

Can You Trust Breeze Maxx?

Breeze Maxx portable AC is backed with positive customer reviews mentioned on its official website. Know what that means? The manufacturers claims that real people like you have been using the air cooler and they are so satisfied with it that they’ve left positive reviews on the device.  

This makes it clear: you can easily trust the air cooler and the people behind it. The extended warranty, honesty on no hidden charges, and money back guarantee serve as more reasons to trust this solution. To add to this, Breeze Maxx portable air conditioner is from an American-owned company. 

How To Keep Yourself Cool in the Summers? 

Here are some easy to follow, proven tips to cool down in the sun season: 

  • Keep it clutter free

Particularly if you have bed sheets and blankets open around, wrap them and put them away so there are fewer things in your room that absorb and emit heat. The clutter-free environment also gives you more breathing space. 

  • Wear bright and light colored clothes

Bright colors reflect sunshine. As for light colors, they absorb less of it. In doing so, both these color ranges are a great choice for your outfit that keeps you cool in the summers. 

  • Get your house painted a white 

Or any light color would do. Again, this is because light colors reflect sunshine, whereas, dark colors absorb and emit heat. Therefore, paint your room and roof a light share to enjoy the weather. Added bonus: light color gives the room a spacey (bigger) look. 

  • Keep your curtains or blinds closed

This prevents heat from pouring in and heating your place. 30% of unwanted heat comes from open windows so using shades and blinds helps. To let sunlight in, open the shades only early in the morning or post-afternoon when the sun is not at its peak.

  • Sleep low 

It’s best to use the lower floor of your house in the summers since heat rises, leaving the floor and basement cool. If you like, sit on the floor or use a mattress to sleep while keeping cool. 

  • Switch to compact fluorescent lamps 

If you’ve been meaning to make the switch from incandescent light to CFLs, now’s the time. Incandescent bulbs emit 90% of the energy they use as heat, which means they add to the heat in your room. In contrast, CFLs don’t emit heat energy, thus keeping you cool. 

Breeze Maxx Reviews Final Verdict

To bring this to a close, Breeze Maxx is a reliable and cost effective alternative to air conditioner. It costs less in installation, electricity bills, and maintenance. Plus, you can use it not just as an air cooler, but as a purifier and humidifier. It comes with a money back guarantee that saves you investment for a full month. There’s a discount – onwards of 50% – available at this point too, so if you are interested, you better rush to place your order. 

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