QuickHIT Fitness Lab-Madison Guides People on How They Can Train at Home

June 04 07:54 2021
QuickHIT Fitness Lab-Madison Guides People on How They Can Train at Home
QuickHIT Fitness Lab-Madison is a fitness facility committed to offering personalized assistance. A post on their website has outlined the basics of home training people should know during the lockdown period.

Madison, WI – Jun 4, 2021 – QuickHIT Fitness Lab, a leading Madison personal trainer, has outlined the basics of home training during these unprecedented times.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States, governmental officials issued stay-at-home orders almost as swiftly as many “nonessential” businesses, like gyms, have been forced to close up shop indefinitely. The closure of fitness and health facilities has left many individuals unable to participate in their usual workout routine. Not only is this disappointing for those who enjoy their workouts, but a lack of physical activity can take a significant toll on one’s mood and immune system.

Contrary to what some Madison personal trainers at the gym may say, dumbbells and exercise equipment are not essential components of an effective upper body workout. If one has dumbbells, barbells, or exercise machines on hand, certainly feel free to use them, but know that they aren’t required to achieve and maintain results in fitness level. To train for Strength training Madison and overall fitness in an at-home setting, one will want to design a circuit or routine of three to five exercises for a specific range of repetitions.

The number of repetitions someone completes will vary depending on physical ability and fitness goals. The exercises one chooses should ideally incorporate multiple muscle groups simultaneously. These exercises are called compound movements, and they’re more effective for building muscle, losing fat, and developing balanced anabolic growth than are single-muscle or “isolation” exercises. These may include working on the lower body, upper body and engaging in cardio exercises.

QuickHIT Fitness Lab-Madison

QuickHIT Fitness Lab-Madison specializes in entirely private, one-on-one fitness sessions. With the assistance of their highly skilled HIT specialists, each session on their biomedical training machine is tailored specifically to each client’s needs and goals.

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